Young children on computer
Digital Distractions or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Monitoring
If you’re familiar with DyKnow’s history you’ll know that we got our start when a Computer Science professor at DePauw University looked for a way to squeeze more engagement out of classroom technology. The story goes that students in one of his lectures were working on their devices. Unbeknownst to everyone, light fixtures in the room... Read More »
The Hard Road of BYOD / Why DyKnow Doesn’t Accept BYOD Projects
Mobile learning is hot in K12. Many districts see a BYOD student initiative as a way to be good stewards of resources. But it’s not all roses. In fact, many districts tell us it’s an unsatisfying experience with few results. BYOD is so difficult in fact, that as a business, we are turning away... Read More »
“Free” Has Its Cost
Schools around the world know that DyKnow specializes in working with large 1:1 mobile learning programs.  The scalability of our technology is unique to the industry, so most of our experience is with districts that have thousands of student and teacher devices.  We regularly hear from frustrated IT directors who chose a competitor for a cheap or even free... Read More »
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