12 Days of Data
On the first day of data, my DyKnow gave to me: A student using Prezi for math.   Twelve Tests-a-taking Eleven Tweets-a-sending Ten Vines-a-watching Nine Notes-a-writing Eight Games-a-playing Seven Numbers crunching Six Songs-a-streaming FIVE VIEWS OF BING Four Angry birds Three Buzzfeeds Two Peeks at sports And a student using Prezi for Math. DyKnow Cloud monitors student Chromebooks, PCs, MacBooks and iPads.... Read More »
Imperial College London
Student Choices as Data
For every class taught at your school or district, you have the opportunity to generate data that helps teachers personalize learning. ___ teachers  x  ___ school days  = ___ opportunities to generate student data. 10,000 teachers x 180 days = 1.8M data points 4,000 teachers x 180 days = 720,000 data points 500 teachers... Read More »
DyKnow Data is Different
We believe in helping schools make informed, student-centric decisions based on actionable data. Data-driven decision making is no longer only available to those who can afford it. Administrators and teachers across the country are prioritizing resources to gain access to student data upon which they can make decisions in the best interest of their students... Read More »
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