The Hard Road of BYOD / Why DyKnow Doesn’t Accept BYOD Projects

Mobile learning is hot in K12. Many districts see a BYOD student initiative as a way to be good stewards of resources. But it’s not all roses. In fact, many districts tell us it’s an unsatisfying experience with few results. BYOD is so difficult in fact, that as a business, we are turning away opportunities,… Read More »

Apr 16

“Free” Has Its Costs

Schools around the world know that DyKnow specializes in working with large 1:1 mobile learning programs.  The scalability of our technology is unique to the industry, so most of our experience is with districts that have thousands of student and teacher devices.  We regularly hear from frustrated IT directors who chose a competitor for a cheap or even free solution… Read More »

Mar 25

Ottawa High School Utilizes DyKnow for 1-1 Initiative

Courtesy of the Ottawa Herald, By RYAN COBBS, Ottawa High School | 11/4/2013 Ottawa High School began work on its 1-to-1 Initiative in the 2012-2013 school year. The purpose of the program is to put technology in the hands of each individual OHS student. One of our goals is to become an innovator in education and… Read More »

Nov 05

Security Considerations: Mobile and #BYOD Networks

The most recent webinar in our “Let’s Share Ideas! EdTech Webinar Series” was presented by Ernest Staats, Technology Director at Georgia Cumberland Academy in Calhoun, Georgia. Georgia Cumberland is a one-to-one computing school with PCs running Windows 7. Ernest is a network security whiz and he’s even presenting a 3-hour hands on lab during FETC… Read More »

Nov 09

UPDATE: Let’s Share Ideas! EdTech Webinar Series

Exciting update: new webinar added! Security Considerations: Mobile & BYOD Networks Presented by: Ernest Staats, Technology Director @ Georgia Cumberland AcademyTuesday, November 6, 2012 at 3:00pm EDT (US)  REGISTER NOW! To see saved presentations of other EdTech webinars, visit our Archived Webinars page now! —

Oct 24