DyKnow 5.5.31 (Client Only)

5.5.31 November, 2012 Vision PowerPoint Add-in – Resolved an issue that prevented assignment of the Correct Answer for polls created using the PowerPoint Add-in. Panel Management (Jump to Panel) – Improved usability of the Jump to Panel dialog by allowing it to remain open while the user navigates between panels.

Nov 15

DyKnow 5.5.29 (Client and Server)

5.5.29 October, 2012 Monitor Altered the DyKnow database to support usage of Unicode characters in Attention, Application Blocking plan names and description and URL Filtering plan names and descriptions. Corrected an issue that prevented the display of Monitor View Screen tooltips. Vision Resolved an issue that sometimes occurred when opening a PowerPoint file if DyKnow… Read More »

Oct 11

DyKnow 5.5.17 (Client and Server)

5.5.17June 2012 Install Fixed the Lock Communication Settings property of the *.msi installer. Monitor When URL Filtering is installed, installing iTunes 10.5 and/or Safari 5.1 caused incompatibility issues where symptoms include: Safari cannot browse to any website (white screen only) iTunes unable to connect to the iTunes Store iTunes may not be able to sync… Read More »

Jun 22

DyKnow 5.5.16 (Client and Server)

5.5.16May 8, 2012 (Initial Release) Monitor Communication Diagnostic Utility – Added a new utility (MonitorStateReader.exe) to facilitate troubleshooting for connection issues.  Key troubleshooting information includes: Student User Name reported by the Monitor Service, Current Communication Settings and whether currently connected to a server, Whether the Monitor service is running and if the device is currently… Read More »

May 09

DyKnow 5.4.20 (Client)

5.4.20November 21st, 2011 Vision Changes Resolved an inking issue where the ink did not draw in the same location as the pen.  This issue occurred on Tablet PC’s using 120 DPI, such as the Fujitsu Q550.

Nov 21