Monitor Student Chromebooks

DyKnow Cloud is a teacher tool to manage student Chromebooks during class time.

What makes DyKnow different?

1. DyKnow allows teachers to decide which websites are blocked or allowed during class.

For each class, allow only the website where students are taking a test or quiz. Or, choose to block only distracting, noncurricular sites while allowing students to access the rest of the Internet as they need.

Scroll down to see sample blocking plans from real teachers!

2. DyKnow provides teachers and administrators with real time Analytics to show students’ on and off task behaviors.

DyKnow provides teachers with data showing each website students accessed, plus how frequently and for how long. Our Analytics are available in real time during class, as well as after class. Use this data to assign participation grades, set expectations, and praise students for good choices!

3. For 13 years, we’ve built products focused entirely on helping teachers during class time.

We don’t make or sell anything but software for teachers. This means we’re committed to providing teachers with the best possible experience – our product performs, is reliable, and is exceptionally easy to use.

“I love DyKnow. It has been helpful in my class – I love how I can control what sites my students are allowed to visit.”

-Chromebook 1:1 Teacher, Baldwin County Schools (AL)

Block Only Plan - Monitor Chromebooks
Allow Only Plan - Monitor Chromebooks