The Best of 2011: EdTech Resources

Here’s your homework assignment over winter break!

We scour EdTech sites daily to remain current on research, industry happenings, and bring you the most helpful and relevant resources to encourage high achieving learning environments. We’ve compiled an archive of articles, blog posts and research pieces that have earned the highest response rate when we’ve shared them. We’ve also included links for each source’s website/blog and Twitter account (we follow all of them). Sections below include resources on differentiated instruction, collaboration, interactive learning, laptop programs, teaching with technology, and professional development. If you’re not already, follow @DyKnow on Twitter and “Like” us on Facebook to receive these articles as we come across them.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated – let us know what you think, and re-share with peers and colleagues! Happy reading :-)


Professional Development: 

EdTech Deployment & Differentiated Instruction:

EdTech 1:1 Environments:

1:1 Implementation: