DyKnow Monitor

Supervise and guide students on their computers or encourage collaboration with our incredibly user-friendly classroom management software.


Classroom Management Software




Easily supervise student computers by:

  • Viewing thumbnail images
  • Viewing individual students’ screens
  • Capturing individual students’ screens



Guide students’ computer usage by:

  • Managing access to websites and applications
  • Opening and closing applications
  • Taking remote control of student computers
  • Shutting down or restarting student computers



Go beyond just monitoring student behavior by:

  • Sending a poll
  • Chatting with students
  • Broadcasting the teacher screen
  • Sharing websites
  • Transferring files

I can say quite confidently the level of success and growth we experienced would not have been possible without DyKnow Monitor.

Julie Holland

Alvarado ISD Instructional Technology Coordinator