Collaborative Learning



A collaborative learning tool that helps teachers present lessons and assess how well each student understands the concepts during a lesson. The best part: every student leaves class with the teacher’s notes and their notes in a personalized notebook which can be replayed anytime, anywhere. Teachers love this tool for sharing and recording content, assessing understanding, and interacting with students.


Present and Share

Share and annotate pre-existing lessons with students or create new lessons with our authoring tools.

  • PowerPoint Integration
  • Embed Content   (websites, videos, graphs, tables and more)
  • Screen Grab
  • Content Delivery
  • Personalized Annotations


Collaborate and Interact

Immerse students in the lesson and encourage active learning with our collaborative tools.

  • Share Control
  • Group Work
  • Chat
  • Polling
  • Screen Broadcast
  • Private Notes


Assess and Save

Quickly assess student understanding and gather insights during a lesson to see how well students grasp the concepts you are teaching.

  • Grade Polls
  • Collect Work
  • Return Work
  • Status Request


Record and Replay

Encourage students to replay Notebooks before a test, send replay-able notes to an absent student or even record lessons for a substitute teacher.

  • Replay Content
  • Record Audio
  • Personalized Student-Teacher Notebooks
  • Anytime-Anywhere Access



I can say quite confidently the level of success and growth we experienced would not have been possible without DyKnow Monitor.

Julie Holland

Alvarado ISD Instructional Technology Coordinator