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Training and Support for DyKnow SoftwareTraining Options

Whether you are new to our products, a veteran or you prefer self-paced guides to in-person professional development, we have a training option for you!

Implementing DyKnow SoftwareImplementation Plan

Our two-part Implementation Plan walks new customers through setting up DyKnow Monitor and/or DyKnow Vision.

Frequently Asked Questions about DyKnow SoftwareTroubleshooting

Get answers to our most frequently asked questions related to the server, our products, support and the administration console.

Technical Support for DyKnow SoftwareServer Info Center

Find helpful client-server documents, set-up guides and useful technical information about DyKnow Monitor and DyKnow Vision.


DyKnow is the backbone of my classroom. It provides continuity, it provides structure and format, and it creates a seamless, well-sequenced classroom experience.

Chris Wilke, Social Studies Teacher

DePaul Cristo Rey High School