Implementation Plan

Our Implementation Plan

To ensure your success, every school is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who guides you through implementation and adoption.

Our two-part Implementation Plan includes an:

1. Implementation Checklist

Completing the checklist prior to walking through the Implementation Guide helps our team understand all of the necessary details to give you customized assistance.

2. Implementation Guide

Once you are ready to get started using our products, the guide provides clear and easy steps for installation and setup. The Guide includes instructions and best practices for:

•  Installing the server, client and database
•  Setting up and configuring users and classes
•  Data integration and authentication

Are you a new customer? Contact our Customer Success Team to get started.


I can say quite confidently the level of success and growth we experienced would not have been possible without DyKnow Monitor.

Julie Holland

Alvarado ISD Instructional Technology Coordinator