What Are Your Learning Goals?

If we created a venn diagram for BYOD vs. standardized one-to-one, you’d see the number one reason schools turn to a BYOD plan is simple: $$$$. Did you catch that? It’s MONEY. I have yet to come across any resources on BYOD that fail to mention what an enormous savings of budget it is. We can all agree whether your school is private or public, it takes cash to initiate and sustain education technology initiatives, including human capitol. So if your school doesn’t have the cash, it makes sense to turn to BYOD since it’s “cheap,” right? Well …. not quite. The problem with focusing on dollar signs is too often a question of much greater importance is left out.

Apr 06

EdTech at Chaminade Julienne: Our Visit!

Last week my colleague Todd Kendall and I enjoyed a wonderful day in Dayton, Ohio visiting Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School for a One-to-One Computing Roundtable. Our education technology conversations ranged from BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to differentiated instruction, classroom management and teaching with technology. We covered quite a bit of ground in four short hours.… Read More »

Mar 07

Matt Oeverman

Through my interactions with Matt over the past couple of months it became glaringly obvious we need to spotlight him as our Educator of the Month. He is truly inspiring and we are very grateful he is a DyKnow user. Check out our Q&A session and view the blog post to sign up for his webinar today, “The Best Web Tools to Enhance Your 1:1 Curriculum.”

Nov 29

Classroom Management Software: What’s under the hood?

Who should read this blog post? Technology administrators, IT personnel and anyone directly involved with IT management. When it comes to purchasing software, many people do not realize that product architecture (how it is built) is just as important as the visible features in the software. A products reliability is directly related to how the product is designed… and I’m not talking about the user interface design, I’m talking about what’s under the hood.

Nov 22

One-to-One Computing at MICDS: Our Visit!

Last week my colleague Abby Walton and I visited DyKnow expert Elizabeth Helfant at Mary Institute and Country Day School (MICDS) in St. Louis. It was the perfect time to be in “the Lou,” the Cardinals would go on to win Thursday and become world champions Friday night! The city was alive with excitement, and I’m… Read More »

Nov 01