Heather Bender

Huntsville City Schools

The DyKnow product and team are top notch! Not only do they have a great product, but they have the hands on approach to stand behind their product. We have been using DyKnow in Huntsville City Schools since 2013. We regret not having this product when we converted to an all digital school system in 2012. This product is a MUST for any district deciding to bring technology into classrooms. We love DyKnow!

Beth Denger-Harris

Ventura Unified Magnet Schools

Next year our school’s budget will be cut by a significant amount. There was a lot of monetary “soul searching” but we will continue to fund the cost of DyKnow. It means every teacher will need to take on extra supervision to cover some costs and miss out on some conferences, but we¬†feel DyKnow is worth it. Awesome product, perfect fit for DeAnza Academy of Technology and the Arts!

Tonya Lewis

Reeds Spring R-IV School District

Addressing issues with individual students is powerful.

With DyKnow Cloud Analytics, you have evidence to speak with them about how they’re using their time. It’s hard to argue with data.