Twitter Buzz: December ’12 and January ’13

Happy New Year from The DyKnow Team! If The Best of 2012: EdTech Resources was not enough to satisfy your cravings for the very best in educational technology news, tips and resources, I present to you yet another resource for the most popular and influential resources of the past 60 days.

Extra credit points will be assigned to those innovative educators who share, re-share, email, tweet, re-tweet, post and otherwise provide feedback to this post! :-)

Notable and Quotable:

“The absolute wrong way to deal with educational technology is to look at a tool and try to build a lesson around it” -Nicholas Provenzano, @thenerdyteacher

“Having books in my classroom does not ensure my students will learn to read. In the same way, having technology in my classroom does not mean that my students will discover how to use it as a learning tool” -Kathy Cassidy

“Your efforts to engage students and develop important 21st century skills can become the scapegoat explanation for problems that have nothing to do with tech. So, how do we as educators get these parents into our corner?” -Jennifer Carey

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