“I use DyKnow Cloud to monitor what my students are doing on their laptops, making sure they are on task.

I can communicate with my students and share websites I want them to visit, or encourage them.

I love DyKnow!”

Teacher, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (NC)

DyKnow Cloud empowers teachers and administrators with actionable data. Our classroom management software monitors student Chromebooks, PCs, MacBooks, and iPads, and gives teachers tools to measure and improve learning.

Teachers login to DyKnow Cloud, choose a class, and click “Start Monitoring” to:

  • See student screens
  • View students’ most popular websites and apps
  • Block or allow website and applications
  • Send messages and URLs
  • View real time and historical data on how students spend digital class time


Tech Teams

“I just ask my students to put their laptops away when they’re off task.”

Distracted students cause distracted teachers.

Track student attention and browsing activity during class time instead of powering down devices.

DyKnow Cloud classroom management software is committed to keeping student devices useful for learning.

  • Quickly identify off-task students
  • Live Analytics available during and after class
  • Easily view real time student feedback
  • Designed for and tested by teachers

“Off task behavior is always a problem I’m being asked to solve.”

Measure return on your technology investments.

Schools come to us both before and after devices enter classrooms. Often, another solution failed, or the lack of a solution led teachers to abandon teaching with technology.

DyKnow Cloud is simple to configure and easy to manage.

  • Cloud-hosted, web delivered
  • Scalable, reliable, secure
  • Automatic software updates
  • Monitor student Chromebooks, PCs, MacBooks, and iPads