Quick Formative Assessment: Questions

Assessing student understanding is hard work – there are so many signals teachers have to sort through:

Teachers face the challenge of sorting through these various signals to help students toward their best path to success. This is why DyKnow Cloud’s classroom management solution includes a “Questions” feature. Questions is designed with feedback from real classrooms to help teachers identify gaps in student understanding and make adjustments during class time.

Our focus is on providing quick formative assessment that doesn’t interrupt or change the normal flow of class.

Teachers choose a multiple choice question and click “send.” Students are automatically shown this question no matter what they are doing on their device at the time, and there’s no need to navigate to a special URL. Teachers receive student responses in real time through a live updating bar graph.

Questions on a Surface_Cropped

How do teachers use Questions?

DyKnow Cloud makes it easy for teachers to get real time data about student understanding!

Joel Post by Joel Dart, Software Architect for DyKnow