Sara Harrison

Wawasee Community Schools

DyKnow is a superior product that has helped us to keep our students motivated and on task while working in a in a 1:1 environment.

Andrae Butts

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

DyKnow is definitely helping to keep my students on task by making me aware of what appears on each screen. I have large classes, so it’s difficult to redirect students as necessary. When I come into close proximity with a student who isn’t working on the assignment, they quickly closes the tab to give the appearance that they are working. DyKnow is incredibly beneficial because I no longer have to fight this battle. I can merely look at my computer screen to track students’ progress.

Marlena Rainey

Beech Grove City Schools

I use DyKnow Cloud Analytics to monitor my students while they are working on their Chromebooks. I LOVE the ability to message one, a few, or the entire class. In one click of a button, I can see ALL of the websites they are on. DyKnow helps when I send a student in the hall to work on something, or even in a different classroom!
I love DyKnow!

Kent Schroder

MSD of Warren Township

DyKnow is the easiest adoption I have ever had.
The teachers love it.

Barb Wallace

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

I surely appreciate all of the tech advice from your newsletters. My teachers do love their DyKnow!
I also appreciate your prompt answers and support! In my 3 years in my current position as Tech Facilitator, you are the BEST in that area, hands down!

Janna Elfrink

Reeds Spring R-IV Schools

We always feel like we are a priority when we deal with DyKnow Tech Support. Our tickets are responded to in a timely manner with useful information to help solve our problem.

Heather Starks

MSD of Warren Township

I use DyKnow every day, and it does not add to my teacher workload. I wish I had access to it sooner.

Amy Hadley

Lexington Public Schools

If you use technology in the classroom, you need DyKnow!

Ashley Hastey

Whitfield School

I love the Analytics feature because the graphics are easy to understand – for myself and the student.
I’ve had students approach me with a low grade and not understand why. After I show and explain what we can capture with DyKnow, it allows us to work together to develop a plan with the student for focusing attention.
It has also transformed the way I use class time for lecture, activities, and feedback. I’ve noticed a trend when students start to browse (approximately 10 minutes) and now I  know to move on to the next task!

Abby Tate

St. Michael the Archangel High School

DyKnow’s customer service is almost immediate every time. DyKnow helps us through email or through a phone call; I never wait a day to hear back from anyone. Even teachers have said they get a response immediately. That’s a huge thing. It really, really is.

Sharnita Thomas

Beech Grove City Schools

I use DyKnow Cloud Analytics to find out if my students are staying on task, how much time they are off-task, and compare that data with progress.

Tonya Lewis

Reeds Spring R-IV School District

Addressing issues with individual students is powerful. With DyKnow Cloud Analytics, you have evidence to speak with them about how they’re using their time. It’s hard to argue with data.

Sandra Lagrange

St. Thomas More Catholic High School

We greatly appreciate DyKnow’s willingness to take requests and improve their program. Not only do they ask, but they follow through. Everything we have requested thus far has become a reality.

Beth Denger-Harris

Ventura Unified Magnet Schools

Next year our school’s budget will be cut by a significant amount. There was a lot of monetary “soul searching” but we will continue to fund the cost of DyKnow. It means every teacher will need to take on extra supervision to cover some costs and miss out on some conferences, but we feel DyKnow is worth it. Awesome product, perfect fit for DeAnza Academy of Technology and the Arts!

Angela Lortie

Wawasee Community Schools

DyKnow is a great way to monitor student online action in real time during class. We often allow our students to move around the room to work, and I usually can’t see their screens directly. DyKnow shows me what they are working on in real time. With DyKnow, I can have them answer a brief survey or exit ticket immediately without having them log into another program, and all of my data is in one spot.

Heather Bender

Huntsville City Schools

The DyKnow product and team are top notch! Not only do they have a great product, but they have the hands on approach to stand behind their product. We have been using DyKnow in Huntsville City Schools since 2013. We regret not having this product when we converted to an all digital school system in 2012. This product is a MUST for any district deciding to bring technology into classrooms. We love DyKnow!