On this episode of Tackling Tech, Tierra interviews DyKnow’s Marketing Intern, Maggie O’Scanaill. Maggie shares what she’s learned running DyKnow’s social media accounts, the importance of PLN’s, the rise of digital events, and the trends she sees in education technology discussions. Maggie is excited to host the EdTech Roundtable digital event on February 19th. 

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PLN’s: What are they?

Maggie briefly explained how she had no idea what professional learning networks were when she began in her role at Dyknow. By listening to educators and navigating the social media verse within education, she was able to grasp the power of the PLN amongst K-12 educators. PLNs can be found for anything. This virtual network of people can have a million different subgenres like PLNs for student engagement and PLNs for technology coaches. 

PLNs are enabling educators to converse while being remote. Conversations are being had constantly on Twitter and with people from around the world. Live chats are one way the educators are discussing important topics and collaborating to find success within the new realms of education technology. By engaging in an online setting, the limits of sharing are nonexistent. Perspectives from all cultures about education are being shared through social media. “PLNs are why people are succeeding right now,” Maggie stated. Successful educators are relying on their PLNs to propel them through this tough time and make them a better teacher. Maggie explains that she believes if there is anything you do this year, is to join a PLN.

PLN’s the Right Way

As a beginner in navigating PLNs, a good place to start is with Chris Woods on Twitter (@DailySTEM). Maggie describes Chris as someone who is crushing it on social media and PLNs. A strength of Chris’s is that he is constantly sharing ideas and engaging his followers. His following actively seeks out recognition from Chris on social media by posting their ideas and replications of his lessons in their classrooms. Maggie explains that she believes education is all about getting teachers excited. When teachers are excited, they get their students excited, and that is a great environment for teachers and students to be in. Maggie believes that Chris Woods does an amazing job of getting educators excited about what they are doing in their classrooms.

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