The easiest way to defeat device distractions and manage your classroom.

Achieve real-time visibility of student screens in any environment and teach more confidently with technology.

lisa wissert teacher dyknow

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Now that we have Dyknow, I can work with small groups or individuals at my desk and still keep an eye on the rest of the class.

Lisa Wissert, Teacher – Chicago City Schools

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I hate Dyknow, but it is the only reason I get any work done in class.

Student, Northern Valley Regional School District

Teachers love Dyknow.

1   Monitor

View all student screens in real time.

Easily see all student screens in one place whether you are teaching in-person or remote. When a student is off task, redirect them with a click.

The Old Way

Erin, get off YouTube.

Are you on Fortnite again?

Jon, what are you doing?

The New Way


classroom management software
dyknow blocking plans for classroom management and student device monitoring

2   Manage

Choose what you want students to see, block what you don’t.

Customize what students can or can’t access during class by choosing to allow or block websites and applications.

On average, students are off task on their device at least 20% of each class.

3   Engage

Engage with one, several, or all students.

Quickly engage with students by sending messages, asking questions, or checking student understanding.

cody raper technology coach dyknow

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Dyknow’s features like instant votes, quizzes, and messaging student screens allow teachers to get both instructional time and valuable class time back.

Cody Raper, Technology Coach – School

dyknow message student devices for classroom management monitoring
dyknow student device activity analytics class history

4   Review

When class is over, see all student activity data.

Access analytics after class to understand how students are using devices during class. View all Website & Application activities for individual students or an entire class to identify trends.

karen conner teacher dyknow

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I use Dyknow to monitor students during quizzes and testing to see individual screens to see if they need help, and also to see history when their work isn’t getting done.

Karen Conner, Teacher – Cabarrus County Schools

Teachers like you have asked us…

What does Dyknow do that teachers can’t do themselves?

With more than half of K12 classrooms using devices today, teachers are stretched thin with the responsibility of teaching and keeping student device usage on track. Dyknow is like having a dedicated classroom aid and enhances teacher control so they can maintain student attention and minimize digital distractions.

Should I wait until the beginning of the school year to get Dyknow?

Dyknow set is quick and easy, and schools see immediate results no matter when they get started with Dyknow.

What’s the best first step to get Dyknow in my classroom?

Whether it’s online or at events, we have lots of conversations with teachers about how they can start using Dyknow in their classrooms. We offer a free trial program to allow teachers to use Dyknow before your district or school has to buy Dyknow. We recommend that you include a technology contact on your first call with us to make sure we get you off on the best start possible. You can reach out to us about our free trial program here.

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Dyknow is a leader in Mid-Market Classroom Management on G2
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Dyknow is a leader in Classroom Management on G2

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