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K-12 conversations about building collaboration for successful technology integration.

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A letter from the host…

K-12 classrooms today look completely different than when we were students a decade ago. Schools have replaced the dust from chalkboards with the streamlined interactions of digital whiteboards. Districts are trading in their old, heavy, and expensive textbooks for powerful Chromebooks. Administrators, teachers, and students all have mini computers in their pockets that can give them answers to anything by just saying, “Hey Siri”. This digital transformation happened with the blink of an eye and now everyone is tasked with cracking the code to effective integration as technology continues to change education. The challenge? There are hundreds of EdTech tools to choose from, and countless ways to try and buy them.

Administrators have options. Now they can choose the cost-efficient online experience to find technology tools instead of jumping through red tape to get approval to see the same tools at trade shows. Technology Coaches can demo new classroom tools with a couple of clicks and an email address. Free trials give teachers unlimited access to try new tools in their classrooms and provide instant feedback to administrators who are responsible for technology budgets. It’s undeniable how easy it is to research and try new technology in K-12 education. The hard part is effectively implementing these new tools and building winning strategies across classrooms, schools, and districts.

Does any of this sound familiar? 

You are not alone. 

As everything around us becomes digitized and seemingly less personal, the art of great communication and effective collaboration has never been more important. Schools that are winning with technology are led by teams of people who have destroyed internal silos that previously existed between those who teach and those who implement technology.  The collaboration between administration, coaches, and teachers allows schools to ride the technology rocketship rather than watch it pass them by. 

K-12 education is an industry with tremendous greenspace and opportunity to evolve your role because of technology. This podcast was born to give you an advantage in your role by sharing stories from people who are passionate about working with their peers and enable technology to enhance the entire experience for educators and the students they serve. 

Brett McGrath

VP, Marketing

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