Founded in 2003

DyKnow has been helping teachers effectively use technology for over a decade. Originally conceptualized by a teacher looking to focus his students, our company is based in Indianapolis and values the needs of our customers above all else. Here are a few of our teammates:

Since then, we’ve adapted our products to better serve the teachers who use them and the technology environments they operate in. Our main goal has always been to provide a stellar product that meets customer needs, which is why DyKnow is dedicated to gathering user feedback. The valuable information gleaned from our partner schools and districts directly influences our product development and design decisions.

Our team believes in going the distance to ensure your implementation process and ongoing usage is as smooth as possible. The real implementation work begins after install, so our experienced Customer Experience and Support teams work hard to provide a customized and detailed path to success. Equipped with DyKnow classroom management software, we have seen hundreds of schools transform their learning environment and leverage the full potential of their technology.


We are an inspired group whose dedication to learning has always been part of our DNA. We’re proud to work alongside educators to reinvent what it means to teach and learn, and discover ways to do things that have never been done.


We are honored.


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Heather Bender

Huntsville City Schools

”The DyKnow product and team are top notch! Not only do they have a great product, but they have the hands on approach to stand behind their product. We have been using DyKnow in Huntsville City Schools since 2013. We regret not having this product when we converted to an all digital school system in […]“
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