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Classroom Management Software Built for Teachers

Dyknow has been helping teachers effectively use technology for over a decade. Originally conceptualized by a professor at DePauw University looking to focus his students, our software has evolved. Today, we’re trusted by K12 educators to keep students on task and help improve teacher confidence in their school’s student device program.

 On a mission to help teachers defeat the distractions in their classrooms caused by student devices.

It’s our commitment to empower educators to teach confidently by giving visibility into student devices and defeating distractions that student devices create.

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Software Support Engineer

Purpose: Identify issues, propose solution options, code & implement the chosen solution(s), follow-through with delivery timeline to retain satisfied DyKnow users

Scope: Prospects, Customers, Partners and the DyKnow Organization

Accountabilities: Design, build & test development projects, research & resolve technical support inquiries & escalations, assist with the creation of Help Center documentation and share product knowledge internally.

Manager: VP of Technology



The Software Support Engineer role is within the Product function.  The role is responsible for designing, building and testing assigned development projects for all initiatives and priorities in optimizing our product in the three operating systems DyKnow supports: Chromebook (JS), Windows (C#), and Mac (Objective-C) systems, along with the 4 browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari). This role is also responsible for supporting the Service function by providing advanced technical troubleshooting and solutioning to resolve customer issues in a timely manner. Additionally, this role will assist with the creation of Help Center documentation.


Functional Objectives

  • Escalate feedback themes, trends, issues and risk to VP of Technology
  • Design, build and test assigned development projects
  • Achieve documented objectives and timelines for all assigned projects
  • Perform root cause analysis for reported production issues with clearly defined investigation steps, results, and recommendations using device logs, internal tooling, and source code, while proactively identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Document all investigations and enhancement suggestions accurately in Zendesk/Jira
  • Complete the development fix of the identified Bug in the estimated time +/- 4 business hours
  • Provide Clients with positive, clear, succinct, and high-quality inquiry resolutions that results in minimum individual satisfaction rating of 96%

Build and share knowledge by assisting with the creation of Help Center articles and videos


Required Skills


  • Compile relevant online research without explicit guidance
  • Formulate a clear hypothesis and recommend methods for testing it
  • Perform resourceful diagnostics in a timely manner
  • Report findings succinctly with proposed solution options for potential adoption


  • Write and speak clearly and intelligently
  • Craft a clear and compelling argument in email, document, or conversation
  • Communicate complex ideas, systems, and strategies
  • Maintain productive dialogue with all my colleagues and clients without dropping balls


  • I can transform an idea or concept into a coherent outline or storyboard
  • I can visualize my thinking compellingly with pen and paper, marker and board
  • I can create an artifact that is error-free down to the letter, fact, and pixel
  • I can be entirely responsible for a winning deliverable


  • Sense, refine, and express my own instincts
  • Identify interesting patterns that combine diverse references


  • Add incremental value to a meeting, call, or presentation
  • I can successfully deliver a sizable portion of a final presentation

Strategic Execution

  • Describe the WWWWH of bringing a simple strategy to life
  • Take an approved strategy, and with supervision and support, bring it to life
  • Sense and solve an emergent problem in the midst of a complex and quickly moving initiative
  • Take an approved strategy and bring it to life in a winning form


  • I can list the things that are important to my colleagues and clients
  • I can offer meaningful off-the-cuff achievement to a colleague and client


Technical Skills


  • 5-7 years of experience in one of the following languages: JavaScript, C#, Objective-C
  • 1-2 years Experience with Visual Studio .NET (4.0+), SignalR, NodeJS, Multi-threading/parallelism, Bootstrap3+
  • Strong debugging skills: visual debugger, log statements, or both
  • Works well in an Agile SCRUM team environment
  • Skilled at translating unexpected code states/transitions into reproduction steps
  • Knowledge of event loops and async coding patterns
  • Experience with package managers: Ruby gems, npm, CocoaPods, NuGet
  • Working knowledge of web protocols: HTTP, TLS, server-sent events, WebSockets, Long-polling, TCP
  • Experience with Unit Testing frameworks XCTest, MSTest, Jasmine
  • Experience with mocking frameworks OCMock, Moq, and Jasmine spies
  • Experience manipulating web request/responses with Fiddler
  • REST API development experience


  • Experience creating visual apps in Cocoa/AppKit, .NET/WPF, HTML/CSS
  • Understanding of security boundaries, permissions models, and window management in supported OS
  • Experience with accessibility tools
  • Experience generating and supporting installed deployments via exe, msi, pkg, or dmg
  • Familiar with dev chat tools such as Slack

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