Frequently Asked Questions

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Dyknow Basics

Why should my school use Dyknow?

Students check their device an average 11 times per class and are off-task at least 20% of every class. Dyknow gives teachers the tools they need to proactively and responsively monitor and manage the content students have access to.

What does Dyknow do that teachers can't do themselves?

With more than half of K12 classrooms using devices today, teachers are stretched thin with the responsibility of teaching and keeping student device usage on track. Dyknow is like having a dedicated classroom aid and enhances teacher control so they can maintain student attention and minimize digital distractions.

Should I wait until the beginning of the school year to get Dyknow?

Dyknow setup is quick and easy, and schools see immediate results no matter when they get started with Dyknow.

How do teachers create classes using Dyknow?

Dyknow makes things simple by doing the work for you. Dyknow works with your Student Information System (SIS) to create users, classes, and enrollments. Teachers just need to login and can start monitoring immediately.

Technology and compatibility

How do I install Dyknow?

In order for teachers to use Dyknow, Dyknow admins must install the cloud connector.

Will my school's operating system work with Dyknow?

Dyknow is currently designed to work with Chrome, Windows, and Mac OS.

How much bandwidth does Dyknow require?

Dyknow recommends 4 Mbps up/down per 500 concurrent connections.

Will Dyknow work with our school's Student Information System (SIS)?

Yes! Our import manager enables you to integrate with PowerSchool, Infinite Campus and Skyward, more to come! For other Student Information Systems use our pre-defined data import templates.

Does Dyknow require an onsite server?

Dyknow is hosted entirely in the cloud with no server requirements. Our product architecture means we can scale an unlimited number of wireless devices with absolutely no impact on your network performance.

How does Dyknow protect secure data?

All student information is stored as deidentified data. Access to student information is only available via permission set for each user role.