Securly Reveal helps you uncover student technology usage insights.

Securly Reveal (formerly Device Impact Measurement) helps administrators and tech coaches to identify wasted funds by measuring how school-issued devices and technology tools are actually used.

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Securly Reveal helps…


Tech Coaches

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We will use [Securly Reveal] to see the actual usage of products we have purchased across the district. This will help us to compare the usage data provided by the service or to inform the actual usage that they don’t provide.

Program Manager, Technology Services – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

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[Securly Reveal] helps us know what to target/promote for professional development, critical conversations with teachers about why they are using particular resources, and to monitor inappropriate sites.

Director of Technology Integration – Fort Mill School District

Best usage insights solution for your district.

Cross-platform functionality. Time-saving SIS integrations.

Works on Chromebook, PC, and Mac devices and in mixed environments. Integrates directly with leading Student Information Systems to enable seamless implementation and accurate class rostering.

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