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Welcome to The Dyknow Digest

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Throughout this time of remote learning, we received so many questions from K-12 educators asking about how to use Dyknow in remote and hybrid environments and for purposes other than just device monitoring. We also received tons of feedback and stories from Dyknow users sharing how remote learning has provided an opportunity to use Dyknow in new and creative ways.

So, we decided to create a series to directly answer the Dyknow questions we are receiving and support these answers by sharing the stories of Dyknow users.

That’s where The Dyknow Digest comes in…

This weekly Dyknow video newsletter will help K-12 educators use Dyknow more effectively and creatively in any learning environment. Each week, a Dyknow teammate will take a question or topic submitted by YOU and answer it using the stories of Dyknow users and examples within Dyknow’s software. Each Dyknow Digest episode will be accompanied by a written article outlining how you can implement the ideas talked about in each episode with resources from Dyknow’s Support Center.

Dyknow users can find episodes and articles from The Dyknow Digest directly in the Dyknow app, on YouTube, on the Dyknow website, and directly in their inbox by subscribing. We’re excited for you to level up your use of Dyknow!

Past Episodes:

View and Share Dyknow Student History Reports

View and Share Dyknow Student History Reports

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Use Dyknow to Support Blended Learning

Use Dyknow to Support Blended Learning

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How To Engage Students with Dyknow

How To Engage Students with Dyknow

Student engagement has been a hot topic throughout this time of hybrid and remote learning. Now more than ever, K-12 teachers are asking how they can increase engagement from students when not all...