Teachers can’t defeat device distractions without your help.

Make technology work for your teachers and not against them.

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Before Dyknow, teachers weren’t embracing computers because students were distracted. Not anymore.

Tiffany Todd, Tech Coach – Linton-Stockton 

Schools without Dyknow

Schools without Dyknow

  • Dozens of weekly conversations with teachers about technology interfering with their instruction
  • Interactions with teachers are reactive and we are constantly putting out fires
  • Teachers are scared to use devices in class

Schools with Dyknow

Schools with Dyknow

  • Teachers now feel comfortable with technology in their classrooms
  • We drive the conversations around technology with teachers because we can focus on planning
  • Tools are now being used to further education

Technology Coaches love Dyknow.

1   Easy

Easy for teachers to learn, simple to use.

With just six simple features, Dyknow is nothing like the clunky education software you might be used to. It’s more like a mobile app teachers are familiar with. In just 15 minutes, they’ll be power-users with no hand-holding or troubleshooting required.

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dyknow blocking plans for classroom management and student device monitoring

2   Integrate

Your SIS, your way.

With automatic rostering designed into our software, Dyknow enables you to use your SIS to automatically sync your users and rosters. All teachers have to do is click start and their sessions will work every time.

PowerSchool SIS dyknow Skyward SIS dyknow Blackbaud SIS dyknow Infinite Campus SIS dyknow

RenWeb FACTs SIS dyknow Genesis SIS dyknow Administrators Plus SIS dyknow Aeries SIS dyknow


3   Dyknow Support

Live chat with a Dyknow Expert.

Dyknow is intuitive, but when teachers have questions, we’re here to help. Every teacher has access to live chat support directly within Dyknow. Our team is standing by to offer immediate assistance.

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dyknow student device activity analytics class history

4   Review

Device usage is tracked without any extra effort.

Dyknow provides teachers with an automatic paper trail tracking how students use their devices during class time. With this information now accessible, teachers no longer have to come to IT to obtain student history or browsing reports.

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I use Dyknow to monitor students during quizzes and testing to see individual screens to see if they need help, and also to see history when their work isn’t getting done.

Karen Conner, Teacher – Cabarrus County Schools


janna elfrink admin dyknow

“When 1:1 student device implementation occurs, teachers need confirmation that they are still the teacher in the classroom and Dyknow keeps students focused and engaged in the learning tasks. Dyknow is the best solution for this type of service for school districts at a price that is reasonable.”

Janna Elfrink, Admin – Reeds Spring R-IV SD

Tech coaches like you have asked us…

How do I know my school needs to use Dyknow?

Students check their device an average 11 times per class and are off-task at least 20% of every class. Dyknow gives teachers the tools they need to proactively and responsively monitor and manage the content students have access to.

What’s the best first step to get Dyknow set up in my teacher’s classrooms?

We offer a free trial program to allow teachers to use Dyknow before your district or school has to buy Dyknow. We’ve found that Tech Coaches are great resources to help quarterback our free trial program and make sure teachers are seeing immediate value from Dyknow. You can set up a call to learn more about it here.

Does Dyknow offer support and training?

All Dyknow customers receive training and have access to Dyknow support. We’ve found that many Tech Coaches and teachers are big fans of our chat feature in Dyknow to make sure their questions are answered efficiently.

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