Teacher Approved Features & Benefits.

DyKnow provides an accurate and exact snapshot of student device activity in the form of actionable data schools can use.

Works Across Platforms

Classroom monitoring software compatible with PC, Macbook, Chromebook

Choose Your Platform

Built to fit your school’s existing OS:  Chrome, Windows, and Mac.

Use Your SIS Data

DyKnow uses data from any SIS to build users and rosters. Updates are run regularly, and as often as you choose, to ensure class and student data is always up to date.

Simple to Learn, Easy to Use

student classroom activity monitoring

Train Teachers in Minutes

Teachers can learn to use DyKnow quickly and can access it from any device and browser; no install required.

Use DyKnow Hassle Free

Just click start to begin monitoring your class. No teacher install or set-up for classes.

Monitor Student Devices

Track student activity and analytics classroom behavior

Monitor Devices

View all student screens in real-time to see student device activity snapshots.

See Analytics

Access analytics that show how students use devices during class.

Prioritize the Right Content

DyKnow Blocking Plan and Screen locking features

Implement Blocking Plans

Filter student content by choosing to “allow only” or “block only” to accommodate different teaching styles and preferences.

Push Out URLs

Quickly address off-task behavior by directing all students to a specific URL.

Get Attention

DyKnow Blocking Plan and Screen locking features

Questions & Understanding

Get attention by asking students a question.

Lock Student Screens

Redirect students through DyKnow’s messaging functionality. Lock student screens on a timer.