DyKnow Success Story
Metropolitan School District of Warren Township first piloted DyKnow with 5 teachers for about 4 weeks, and generated tremendous buzz about and support for adding a new tool to their digital classrooms. The district quickly achieved usage of DyKnow by an incredible 50% of their teachers within the first 4 months of deployment. Teachers are in frequent contact with the DyKnow team, sharing positive feedback about DyKnow’s ease of use, and sharing stories of how they’re using DyKnow in their classrooms.
Chromebook / DyKnow Users
Teachers Supported
Blocking plan keep students on task
“I love DyKnow because I think it just takes some of the heavy lifting out of the equation so I can get to more kids in a smaller setting. I’m not having to worry about doing things like walking around the class to check screens. I’m able to sit down with a group of kids, be focused with them and know that the rest of the class is doing what they should be doing.”

KIRA OLSON | Teacher, MSD Warren Township