Dyknow attended the CoSN 2019 National Conference to learn from industry leaders and discuss how classroom management can help support their student device programs’ growth and effectiveness for student success.

CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) is an association that empowers education technology leaders to leverage technology to create and grow digital learning environments for students. Learn more here.

With CoSN state chapters present in 30 of the 50 states, education technologists from across the country gathered in Portland, Oregon, to discuss the current and future state of technology in education. During the conference the Dyknow team connected with some of our customers, Beverly Hills Unified School District, Greenville City Schools, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District. In addition, we attended sessions hosted by our customers Springfield Public Schools and Lenior City Schools.

Most of the conference’s sessions focused on the CoSN 2019 IT Leadership Survey findings, which highlight the most pressing topics education technology leaders are focused on today.

Through networking, reading reports, and attending sessions, our team analyzed three major conference themes. 

  1. Improving Cybersecurity
  2. Closing the Homework Gap
  3. Breaking Down Barriers

Below are three actionable takeaways addressing each major theme that you can take back to your school or district.


“Cybersecurity is the top priority for IT Leaders today.” Whether it’s implementing SSO (Single Sign-On) password management, managing a content filter, or developing good cybersecurity conscious citizens, technology security concerns are not going away. In fact, security concerns are on the rise. Fortunately, CoSN provides Cybersecurity resources for schools and districts, “that provide insight into how risk can be further reduced in ways that help technology leaders contribute to their schools’ primary goals of teaching and learning.” No matter what stage your school or district is at with Cybersecurity, now is the time to start the conversation and continue improving your existing cybersecurity environment, policies, and practices.


Here’s the million dollar question. How can school leaders work together to close the homework gap, and provide digital equity to all students outside of school? According to the IT Leadership Survey, “Virtually all IT Leaders (95%) agree that addressing the Homework Gap is a concern for their district.” In partnership with the National Title I Association, CoSN created a digital equity toolkit, Rethinking Equity in a Digital Era: Forging a Strong Partnership between District Title I and Technology. Schools and districts can use the toolkit as a guide to address student equity.


Long gone are the days, where IT professionals jobs are limited to sitting behind a computer working in an office alone. Due to the digital transformation, technology and learning departments must interact, communicate and collaborate. According to the IT Leadership Survey, “IT Leaders are looking to be more relevant to teachers and learning, with 75% of IT leaders saying it’s important to be more responsive to educator IT needs in the classroom.” In order to bridge the gap between IT and educators, connect both departments through professional development, face-to-face training, and support. A good place to start at your school or district is to ask yourself, “How do you envision your technology department supporting teaching and learning?” 

Providing teachers with the right technology resources is one-way technology departments can support teaching and learning. Many of our customers find that Dyknow breaks down the barriers between IT and educators, by encouraging teachers to increase student-device usage in their classrooms. Our solution encourages both parties to collaborate and work towards the same goal, maximizing their student-device program by defeating distractions and keeping students on task.


We hope you find these takeaways helpful as you continue on your school’s digital transformation journey!

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