K-12 Administrators across the world trust G2 as the #1 platform to find, research, and choose EdTech tools that solve the most pressing problems their teachers are experiencing.

In G2’s Fall 2021 Reports, Dyknow was once again rated #1 in overall Satisfaction out of all Classroom Management and Device Monitoring solutions out there. Not only was Dyknow recognized as #1 in Satisfaction, but we also maintained our ratings for #1 in Usability and #1 in Relationship in the Mid-Market Segment.

Here’s a breakdown of Dyknow’s Fall 2021 G2 rankings and why Dyknow is the best Classroom Management solution for your school or district. 

Educators are more satisfied with Dyknow than any other classroom management tool.

#1 in Satisfaction.

As a Fall Leader in the Classroom Management category on G2, Dyknow has a 97% Satisfaction rating making us the #1 Classroom Management Tool in Satisfaction on G2, ahead GoGuardian coming behind with a 86% and LanSchool with a 66%.

This is because Dyknow’s product is easy for teachers, our Support Team in ultra-responsive, and we’re experienced enough to deliver an exceptional product while small enough to care about every teacher, admin, and school that depends on Dyknow.

Don’t just take it from us, 92% of users would recommend Dyknow.

Dyknow is easy to setup, easy to use, and has the quality of support you deserve from any EdTech tool.

Best Usability.

Dyknow also maintained the Best Usaiblity ranking for Classroom Management Software in G2’s Mid-Market Segment.

And it’s true. Dyknow’s simple interface and intuitive features empower teacher tofocus on teaching, increase student engagement, and lighten the load on supporting admins and technology teams.

What our users say:

91% Ease of Use                         92% Ease of Admin

89% Ease of Setup                    91% Quality of Support

Dyknow’s team strives to build strong relationships with every school, teacher, and admin that rely on our tools.

Best Relationship.

Not only does Dyknow outrank other classroom management tools in Satisfaction and Usability, but we also rank for Best Relationship in G2’s Mid-Market Segemnt.

This is because our team cares about every teacher, administrator, and tech coach who rely on Dyknow to defeat device distractions in the classroom. We strive to build strong relaitonships with Dyknow schools and districts through our Support channels, training material, professional development sessions, and our user community.

If you are looking for a classroom management or device monitoring solution that is easy to use, works in remote and in-person settings, and has high user satisfaction, Dyknow is the solution for you. Talk with our team about how you can get started using Dyknow to defeat distractions on school-issued devices this year. 

Start teaching confidently with Dyknow for free!

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