STEM can be found all around you. Don’t know what STEM is? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and most commonly used when referring to educational practices. Chris Woods, a STEM teacher and host of the STEM Everyday Podcast, is an activist for incorporating and finding STEM in your everyday life.

When Chris would be home on the weekends, working on home projects, he started noticing that the tasks he was doing had elements of science, technology, engineering, and math. He believes that even while at home during distance learning, teachers should create new ways to continue stem education virtually. Many teachers have found ways to incorporate daily tasks into their STEM lessons. 

Distance learning is a great time to be more mindful of STEM in your presence. Education is heading in the direction where STEM will be the most useful form of education for future careers.  

5 Ways to Continue STEM Education During Distance Learning

1. Watch a movie

Movies that have STEM applications – watch a movie and then ask questions or do an activity afterward that relates to STEM and the movie. You don’t have to watch the whole movie, just watch the part of the movie that applies and talk about it.

2. Cook

Chris suggests having the student watch a video on how a cook makes rice. This video shows the cook using ratios, converting units, and applying mathematical skills to a common household activity. Additionally, he would ask his students to identify 3 parts of the video that related to math or science and share one thing they like to cook with the class. The reasoning for this is to get his students thinking about using STEM in their daily lives and how applications can show up virtually anywhere.

3. Makerspace

Create a makerspace at home or in the classroom. This is an area full of creation and creativity solely for the student to interact with what they are learning and find a meaning for it on their own.

4. “Field Trips”

Have your students visit a science museum in-person or virtually! This is a great way to engage students physically and visually. A more interactive approach to continue STEM education.

5. Online STEM Activities

The internet and social media is an amazing place to find all your best and creative ideas while teaching remotely. Join a PLN to keep updated with what the educators in your community are doing to make STEM education just as fun away from the classroom.

Chris has made resources to help any family or any parent to help them encourage STEM in kids’ lives. Check out his website to find 77 ideas to encourage STEM at home, in the resources tab. Parents can choose which ones they find interesting or beneficial that they can do with their students that day. For even more STEM ideas go to Chris’s (@DailySTEM) and Dyknow’s (@Dyknow) twitter pages and connect with us!

Listen to our full conversation with Chris Woods

On this episode of Tackling Tech Podcast, Brett McGrath speaks to Chris Woods, a high school math teacher in Michigan, STEM advocate, and host of the Daily STEM Podcast. Chris creates valuable resources for parents, teachers, and students. He is excellent at engaging students in fun and meaningful ways, even while teaching remotely.

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