When incorporating student devices into the classroom, one of the best ways you can support teachers is to provide them with a student-device management solution to ensure technology is used for learning.

During product evaluations, budget is always a consideration. That’s why we have compiled all the student device management statistics you need to make a case for implementing a classroom management system at your school.


  • K12 annual student device sales are rapidly growing
  • Over 50% of K12 classrooms have student devices


  • Students check their device an average of 11 times per class
  • Students are off-task on their device at least 20% of each class


  • 92% of teachers agree they benefit from Dyknow
  • 93% of teachers agree Dyknow helped identify if students were on/off task
  • 86% of teachers agree Dyknow kept students on task

A student device monitoring system addresses the pains of not being able to see or manage how students spend time on their devices during class. When students are using technology in your classroom, you want to ensure they are on-task and engaged in appropriate learning tasks. Dyknow sets the stage for a fantastic teacher experience and contributes to more responsible student-users.

Start defeating distractions in your classroom with Dyknow.

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