Technology has rapidly changed the K-12 education industry, and in light of recent global events shifting the entire education landscape, remote learning has never been more important – even more important is the remote learning communities K-12 educators need to create during this time.

Schools have halted traditional learning, but thanks to the advances in educational technology, instruction time is not lost. Teachers are facilitating remote learning (otherwise known as e-Learning) from their homes, and students are learning with the help of devices and online communication. However, remote learning is not as seamless as it sounds, as challenges arise when making the initial transition and the needs for improvement are continually being asked about. 

One of the most effective ways to combat and overcome the challenges that arise with the remote learning initiative is to create or join a remote learning community of Teachers, Tech Coaches or Administrators. One commonality we all have during this time, is that we are not alone in this transition, and likely are all experiencing similar challenges, so leaning on a remote learning community is of the utmost importance.

The remote learning community you’ve been looking for

This is why we at Dyknow have taken the initiative to help you find a remote learning community that can help you maximize your remote learning environment by collaborating on strategies, tactics, and advice to thrive during this challenging time. 

We are hosting a Remote Learning Summit to help you grow your remote learning community.

This event will feature a panel of some of the brightest Tech Coaches who will address topics and questions submitted by you, the audience, regarding remote learning! 

Join us on Friday, April 17th from 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. EDT

for this completely digital summit.

This will be a 90 minute, completely virtual summit hosted online and can be accessed from anywhere.

The presentations will only be available for people who register. But if you can’t attend the live stream, we’ll send you the recordings. Register Here.

As the second installment in Dyknow’s 2020 Technology Coaching Conference series, and the first topical summit, there will be countless opportunities to grow your remote learning community during the summit as well as afterward. 

What topics will be discussed at the Remote Learning Summit?

You’re probably wondering if this summit will provide you with a remote learning community of educators who are experiencing similar challenges, observations, or creating applicable strategies to your remote learning environment. So, we wanted to give a sneak preview into some of the topics we’ve already gathered from those who will be attending the conference. 

Don’t see a Remote Learning topic you’re interested in hearing about? Email or visit Remote Learning Summit to submit a question or topic you would like the panelists to discuss during the event. We are looking forward to helping you and your colleagues grow a larger remote learning community during this challenging period.

Register for the 2020 Remote Learning Summit!

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