Classrooms in 2021 are growing as time goes on. Teachers are instructing larger classrooms with more students and the challenges within continue to increase. Some educators are having a hard time balancing all the needs of their students in the classroom on their own. Co-teaching is one solution that schools are using to help build better relationships with students, divide out responsibilities, and create a focused environment. 

Importance of Co-Teaching

Co-teaching is the partnership of two or more educators to control a classroom and conduct instruction together. This technique brings educators with different expertise, talents, and strengths together to enhance the overall efforts in the classroom. The benefits of co-teaching are similar but different for educators vs. students.

For educators: 

Co-teaching offers shared responsibility and flexibility in the classroom. Whether that’s just an extra set of eyes or more hands-on help, there are a lot of different co-teaching models that you can try out. Co-teaching also allows you to get to know your students better, and better understand their needs. The synergy created with co-teaching helps to improve the environment of the classroom overall as well as address any issues that may arise during instruction. 

For students: 

Co-teaching improves the teacher-to-student ratio, therefore, improving individualized instruction and increase student engagement. Using tactics like co-teaching is more important than ever because the increased use of technology in the classroom has become super distracting for students. Co-teaching in the classroom helps students stay focused and engaged. Students also build better relationships with their teachers which helps them to perform better as well as have a fulfilling school environment where they feel comfortable to ask questions and grow to be a leader.

More on Co-Teaching:

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