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What are your students doing during class?

Ensure students are on task with thumbnail images and activity tracking. Students need DyKnow's classroom management tool on their Chromebooks, PCs, iPads and Macbooks

  1. Technology distracts students in the classroom
  2. Teachers need an easy tool to manage student technology
  3. Administrators want insights into classroom behaviors in an easy-to-manage solution


Are your students focused?

Quickly address off-task behavior by using management features during class time. Block or allow spcified content and set which websites students can access.

Not Focused

Restrict distracting Internet content!

Block applications (including Internet browsers and calculators) during test time.


Do your students understand? Will they ask for help?

Evaluate student comprehension in real time and after class with DyKnow Cloud's formative assessment tools. Poll and status data enables differentiated instruction and influences instructional strategies.


Behavioral and assessment data tells a student's story. View individual student and whole class analytics to discover how students used their devices and if they understood the lesson. Identify patterns to celebrate learning achievements and make plans for student improvement.

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Judy Peterson

IT Support Center Manager

“DyKnow offered a great solution for a 1:1 environment. We were looking for a product to monitor laptop activity in a classroom, upload rosters nightly... read more
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