Monitor, Manage, and Assess with DyKnow Cloud

Do you know what students are doing on their devices?

DyKnow Cloud is a web-based classroom management solution that keeps students focused on what's important

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DyKnow Cloud

Web-based classroom management tool that allows teachers to:

  • Monitor
  • Manage
  • Assess

DyKnow Desktop

Installed classroom management and collaboration tool that allows educators to interact with student's devices

  • Monitor
  • Vision

Our solutions simplify the classroom by providing innovative classroom management software. Our robust teaching technology helps educators monitor digital learning devices, create engaging presentations and assess student understanding. Find out which DyKnow product is right for you.

I can say quite confidently the level of success and growth we experienced would not have been possible without DyKnow Monitor.

Julie Holland

Alvarado ISD Instructional Technology Coordinator

Our technology solutions are dependable and reflect our commitment to delivering the best ed-tech solutions. Combine this with great service and a team who is obsessed with your success, and you’ll see why our products are trusted by educators all over the world.