Professional Development Summit

The past, present, & future of Professional Development and how to create effective PD trainings following e-Learning.

A FREE day of digital learning for those who power the digital classroom.

Keynote Speaker

12:00 – 1:00 pm EDT

Looking Beyond Technology

This presentation will focus on the human aspect of Professional Development and any plans moving forward. We have to take into account the staff, the students, the families, and the world at large as we plan our next steps. We cannot overlook those entities right now as we all cope with this crisis in different ways. We are all impacted in different ways by the unique circumstances of our school demographics. 

Pearl Arredondo

Pearl Arredondo

Principal, Former Teacher, Education Advocate, and International Speaker

Pearl Arredondo’s speeches discuss the difficult facets of inner-city school systems, which has become common place in North American school districts.

Her passion for improving troubled school districts comes from her own upbringing as a child who grew up in a violent gang proliferated community. She received her education from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Education and Instructional Leadership. She then became a teacher at San Fernando Middle School, which then led to her establishing the school’s Multimedia Academy. After the establishment of the Multimedia Academy, she later helped found the San Fernando Institute for Applied Media (SFiAM), where she aided in reforming the current school system.

Watch Pearl Arredondo’s TED Talk:

My Story, from Gangland Daughter to Star Teacher

Meet the Panelists

Debra Jacoby, JD

Debra Jacoby, JD

Debra’s interest in integrating tools into curriculum started when she was awarded a Mousecarit Award for her work in Educational Programming at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. She received an EJW Fellowship for her work in EdLaw after running a one-room-carnival-schoolhouse. When she returned to the classroom she became an advocate for technology integration into curriculum. Debra has awards from BrainPop for Make-A-Movie Pedogogy and has had student winners for Wonder Workshop (top 10) Design Attachment competition, FritoLay Dreamvention (school award,) and 2019 Scholastic/Mastercard Tech4Innovation Challenge (Student Award/Teacher Grant.)She designed CompSci/Innovation Labs focused specifically on elementary and coaches robotics. Her passions are student exploration, differentiation in technology, teacher PD, MakerEd, and classroom manipulatives.  She recently authored the chapter, ‘Augmented Reality and Social Emotional Programming’ in Augmented Reality at School:  A Practical Guide for Educators

Jacob Standish

Jacob Standish

Jacob Standish is the Program Manager of IT Strategies for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools where he guides teachers and school leaders in the infusion of learning technology applications. In his 15 years at CMS, he has served as an AP Chemistry teacher, Science Department Chair, and Instructional Technology Specialist.

His work involves web design, mobile app construction, and administration of several tools including Dyknow, Canvas, and Google Apps.  His most recent credentials include COSN Certified Technology Leader and Google Certified Administrator.  He facilitated sessions at NCTIES and InstructureCon and helps lead district and statewide discussions around implementing digital tools to enhance learning.

Dr. Erik Youngman

Dr. Erik Youngman

Dr. Erik Youngman is the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for Libertyville District 70 in Illinois and the author of the book, “12 Characteristics of Deliberate Homework.” Experiences as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, Director of Curriculum, and proud father of three daughters have sparked passionate interests in topics such as meaningful homework, effective grading, active participation, remote learning, leadership, learning, and growth mindset.

Amy Sharp

Amy Sharp

Dr. Amy Sharp is currently the Instructional Technology and Professional Development Center Coordinator for Jefferson County Schools in rural East Tennessee. Dr. Sharp has been with JCS for nearly 20 years as a teacher in both general education and special education classrooms, an instructional coach focusing on data-driven instruction, and an elementary school principal. Dr. Sharp is an active member of the East Tennessee Educational Technology Association.

What is the Professional Development Summit all about?

In March we held our first-ever, completely digital Technology Coaching Conference and connected over 2,300 K-12 educators to learn about and collaborate on all things Tech Coaching. In April, with remote learning in full swing, we decided to host our second virtual event: The Remote Learning Summit. This was a great event that connected over 800 educators and was extended into a full Remote Learning Week of breakout sessions. Now, as the semester nears an end and remote learning is still the current state of K-12 education, Tech Coaches and Administrators are beginning to prepare for the Summer months by planning, revising, and creating professional development strategies. 

The current state of remote learning has changed numerous things about instructional strategies, learning environments, and technology integration, so inevitably these changes will be baked into conversations about professional development for the 2020-2021 school year. 

That’s why Dyknow is excited to build on the these previous events and announce the first-ever

Professional Development Summit

The past, present, and future of Professional Development and how to create training following e-Learning.

This digital summit is the second installment in our TCC Summit Series and will feature a panel of some of the brightest and most innovative minds in Professional Development. We will be talking about the “why’s” and “how’s” of Professional Development during this event, and talking with our panelists about past PD strategies that have been effective, the current state of training and PD, and what the future of PD looks like following this remote learning environment. Join us on Friday, May 29th at 12:00 p.m. EDT to learn about how leading K-12 professionals are evaluating and preparing to plan and provide Professional Development as the school year nears an end. 

This will be a 2-hour, completely virtual summit hosted online and can be accessed from anywhere.

The presentations will only be available for people who register. But if you can’t attend the live stream, we’ll send you the recordings.

What sets this PD Summit apart from the rest?

These are some of the responses from our Remote Learning Summit on April 17th, and we expect the Professional Development Summit to be just as great!

Ready to join EdTech leaders to maximize your professional development?