Dyknow Pricing

Volume-based pricing that’s flexible for your classroom, school, or district.

Dyknow is priced per student license. More students means a larger discount.

Dyknow’s pricing is volume-based so the per student license price goes down as volume goes up.

Less than 150 students, in between tiers, or have more than 10,000 students?

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Pricing FAQs

Can an individual teacher purchase Dyknow for one classroom?

No. Dyknow is only available for purchase as collective licensure, not individual. Individual teachers can participate in their school’s Dyknow free trial before purchasing.

How does Dyknow’s free trial work?

We offer a 90-day free trial for schools and districts to try Dyknow before paying for it. Dyknow’s team will help collect feedback from teachers participating in the trial.

What kind of Federal programs can I apply for that will help me pay for Dyknow?

Schools can apply for CARES Act, CTE, and Title 1 to help pay for Dyknow.

Can I buy Dyknow my through technology provider, CDWG, SHI, or other resellers?


Are there any additional fees when I purchase Dyknow?

When you purchase Dyknow, there will be a one-time implementation fee applied to the first year of your subscription alongside the per-student price.

Does Dyknow offer multi-year discounts?

Yes. A member of Dyknow’s team can provide a custom discount offer for your multi-year subscription.

Do you offer implementation training services for teachers to learn how to use Dyknow effectively?

Yes. Dyknow’s Support Team offers Live Training Webinars and On-Site Training to support new implementations of Dyknow. Pricing and scope are customizable to fit larger district-wide rollouts as well as smaller school implementations. We also offer round the clock support services in the Dyknow app and via phone or email for teachers, tech coaches, and administrators.

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