Coaching the Tech Coaches Workshop

Utilizing feedback from internal stakeholders and gathering recommendations from external PLNs to maximize your preparations for Fall 2020.

A FREE day of digital learning for those who power the digital classroom.

Friday, July 10th, 2020 | 12:00 – 1:00 pm EDT

  • 1-hour interactive workshop facilitated by Dyknow

  • Worksheet provided to attendees prior to the event to guide your workshop experience

  • A panel of Tech Coaching & EdTech enthusiasts to provide expertise on feedback, PLNs, and planning

  • Certificate of attendance to submit for 1 hour of Professional Development credit

Meet the Panelists

Katie Bond

Katie Bond

Digital Learning Specialist, Martin County Schools

Katie Bond is a Digital Learning Specialist for the Martin County School District in Stuart, Florida.  Katie is a former high school Math teacher and current EdTech enthusiast. Katie is passionate about empowering teachers and students through authentic learning with technology.

Scott Nunes

Scott Nunes

EdTech Coach, Modesto City Schools

A dynamic tech-infused instructor turned Edtech Coach, with a focus on PBL, Student Choice, and amplifying student and teacher voices. Scott earned Central California CUE’s Emerging Teacher of the Year Award in 2020. Scott has two podcasts: TNT Edtech and Education Today.  Discover Scott’s dynamic engagements via Twitter below.

Nichole Allmann

Nichole Allmann

District Technology Integration Specialist, Richland District Two

Nichole Allmann is a District Technology Integration Specialist for Richland School District Two in Columbia, SC. She is a Google Certified Teacher and PBL Capacity Builder. Her primary role in the district is to work collaboratively with the Technology Learning Coaches at various schools and coaching teachers to transform his or her teaching practices to prepare our students to be world-class learners. Not only does she focus her training on effective instructional uses in a 1:1 computing environment, but she also works with teachers to build personalized, blended models of instruction and Project-Based Learning.

What is Coaching the Tech Coaches Workshop all about?

With the unexpected remote learning semester behind us, K-12 technology teams are now focusing on Summer preparations for the Fall 2020 semester. These preparations don’t come without their challenges due to uncertainty regarding the K-12 learning environment come Fall, and preparing for all possible scenarios that might present themselves.

We hosted our first-ever Remote Learning Summit back in April 2020 to learn how Tech Coaches from all over the country were adjusting to the emergency remote learning environment, and in May, we hosted the Professional Development Summit to understand what PD looked like prior to remote learning, during the remote learning transition, and what PD preparations will look like this Summer given the uncertainty of remote learning.

Now that technology teams are preparing Summer professional development and looking ahead to the Fall semester, we are taking a hands-on, interactive approach to help Tech Coaches and technology teams maximize these preparations. 

That’s why Dyknow is excited to build on these previous events and announce the first-ever

Coaching the Tech Coaches Workshop

Utilizing feedback from internal stakeholders and gathering recommendations from external PLNs to maximize your preparations for Fall 2020.

This digital summit is the third installment in our #TechCoachCon Summit Series and our first hands-on workshop! The event will feature a panel of some of the brightest and most innovative minds in Tech Coaching. We will be talking about effective ways to gather feedback from internal stakeholders in your school and district (students, parents, teachers, and faculty), connect with and source recommendations from your external PLNs, and combine these learnings to enhance and maximize your Summer preparations regardless of the remote learning environment come Fall. We will provide you with a worksheet before the event to guide you through our discussion and create your own preparation plan! Join us on Friday, July 10th at 12:00 p.m. EDT to learn about how leading K-12 professionals are gathering internal and external feedback to prepare for the Fall semester.

This will be a 1-hour, completely virtual summit hosted online and can be accessed from anywhere.

The discussion and worksheet will only be available for people who register. But if you can’t attend the live stream, we’ll send you the recordings.

What sets this Tech Coach Workshop apart from the rest?

These are some of the responses from our Professional Development Summit on May 29th, and we expect the Coaching the Tech Coaches Workshop to be just as great!

Ready to join Tech Coaching leaders to maximize your Fall 2020 preparations?