The transition to distance learning (or remote learning) has been a long one, and as we have more conversations with K-12 educators it becomes more apparent that as new challenges present themselves this transition period will only be extended. 

We have made it a priority to have more conversations with Teachers, Tech Coaches, and Administrators to understand what the biggest challenges and needs are that come with distance learning. Since students are now learning in their own homes, it has become harder for teachers to ensure that all students are on-task when they need to be and engaging in lessons as much as they can. The digital divide is more apparent than ever, which brings up additional challenges, but for those students who have the tools and connectivity that they need to participate in online learning, how can teachers make sure students are engaged with distance learning and on-task during class activities?

The answer we heard at the Remote Learning Summit last week was consistent communication, and check-ins with students. 

So we decided to share how our software can help teachers engage students during distance learning. Dyknow’s student device monitoring tool has empowered teachers to teach confidently in the classroom by defeating device distractions, limiting off-task behavior, and engaging with students when necessary. Now, these features are more useful than ever, enabling teachers to have the same level of confidence teaching remotely and simultaneously increasing student engagement. 

Limit distractions and engage students with distance learning

Schools all over the country have relied on Dyknow to maintain teacher confidence while teaching with devices in the classroom. With distance learning, more teachers are using devices to facilitate instruction than ever before. Maintaining teacher confidence and ensuring student engagement with distance learning can be a balancing act, and Dyknow is helping K-12 teachers do both. 

With visibility into student activity during remote class time, and blocking plans in place to ensure students are where they need to be on their devices, teachers have the confidence that distance learning hours are being used to their full potential. Additionally, teachers can engage with students by sending messages, conducting polls, and asking questions. Communicating with students is one of the most important parts of making distance learning effective. 

Recently, Dyknow was recognized by G2 as one of the top 3 tools for empowering students and teachers during remote learning: 

Dyknow empowers teachers to teach with confidence because of the ability to view students’ devices and enforce productivity. It is specifically designed for grades K-12, allowing educators to monitor student progress and redirect them with a click. 

What users like:

“It enables me to monitor all my students at the same time. It is easy to use and I love how I can block certain websites that my students do not need to be on when they are in class. I also like how I can individualize which screens get locked. I also really like that you can view reports on the students’ activities, and have objective data that lets you know how much time a student is spending on off task areas vs. when they are being on task.”

– Dyknow Review by Melissa R.

How are Dyknow users increasing student engagement with distance learning?

Teachers love sharing how they use Dyknow, and during this time of distance learning teachers have been especially creative about how they are using Dyknow to increase student engagement. Primarily teachers use Dyknow to monitor and block off-task behavior, communicate and engage with students during class time, and some teachers even find truly creative ways to use Dyknow for distance learning. Here are some of the best one’s we’ve seen:

Want to learn more about using Dyknow to increase student engagement with distance learning?

We’ve been hosting a lot of virtual events recently and with new educators coming into our audience we’ve received a lot of questions about who we are, what Dyknow does, and how we support student engagement with distance learning. So we will be holding a virtual event to answer all your questions. 

Join us on Friday, April 24th at 12:00 pm EDT for Dyknow Office Hours.

This event will be a conversation between Dyknow customer Devin Arms, Director of Technology at Tippecanoe School Corporation, and Casey Higgs, School Success Manager at Dyknow, and will be fueled by all the questions we have received about Dyknow and distance learning. 

Register Here for the live event!

Start teaching confidently with Dyknow for free!

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