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Remote Learning best practices using Dyknow

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Friday, April 24th, 2020

What is Dyknow Office Hours all about?

After hosting the 2020 Technology Coaching Conference and our Remote Learning Summit, we received a ton of questions from Dyknow users and non-users asking how our tool can help schools facilitate remote learning, and best practices for using Dyknow in a remote setting. Recently, Dyknow was also named in the top 3 classroom management software solutions for remote learning by G2.

That’s why we decided to host:

Dyknow Office Hours

This digital event is hosted by Dyknow and will be a conversation between Casey Higgs, Dyknow School Success Manager, and Devin Arms, Director of Technology at Tippecanoe School Corporation, a Dyknow customer. We will discuss how Dyknow’s classroom management software supports remote learning and answer all your Dyknow related questions.

Dyknow supports remote learning in K-12 by…

  • Giving teachers confidence that students are staying on task while learning new information on devices at home
  • Providing teachers with the ability to redirect off-task students with a single click
  • Reduces red tape by giving control directly to teachers rather than someone at the district office
  • Detailed device distraction metrics at the class, school and district level for administration to make informed decisions about remote learning strategies

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