At Dyknow, we believe that our customers’ voices are important and should be shared with educators everywhere. Whether it’s through customer conversations or connecting at events, learning from Dyknow users is invaluable to our team. One of our favorite ways to learn from Dyknow users is through Twitter! We’ve found that teachers love to share how they use Dyknow which not only informs our team but also provides helpful tips for other Dyknow users.Β 

We put together some of the best teacher Tweets below so that you can learn some helpful tips from teachers who are defeating distractions and maximizing learning potential in their classrooms.

Check out how teachers are using Dyknow…

How are you using Dyknow?

We love hearing from teachers who use Dyknow in their classrooms. Since teachers use Dyknow differently depending on their teaching style and class structure, sharing their best tips can lead other teachers to become better Dyknow users too. The Dyknow team wants to know how you are using Dyknow to maximize learning in you classroom – tweet us and tell us your best tips!

Not using Dyknow yet? Learn how you can start defeating distractions.

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