This week we are doing a remote learning recap on the Tackling Tech Podcast. In this special compilation episode, ten guests from the last four months are featured with their advice to K-12 educators and Tech Coaches during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. They also share what they’ve learned during this time of remote learning and what they believe will be the future of remote learning. Brett shares his biggest takeaways from these interviews.

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Advice for K-12 educators before, during, and after remote learning

Over the past four months, one question that we consistently ask guests on the Tackling Tech Podcast is what advice they have for fellow educators and  Tech Coaches who are looking to navigate this time of remote learning. So, we compiled some of the best answers from Tackling Tech guests to provide a remote learning recap of advice for before, during, and after remote learning takes place – whether due to emergency or pre-planned.

“Technology Coaches need to keep doing what we do best. Be responsive to teachers, continue researching trends and dynamics of our technology ecosystem, and make sure that we have resources at our fingertips that is readily available for teachers. Our primary goal with remote learning is to help teachers remain comfortable and maintain a positive self image”

– Sean Coffron, Tackling Tech Episode 3

“When you are planning remote lessons for your students, really think about what the most important concept or content, and take into consideration that these are not ideal circumstances for instruction. Take it slow, take care of yourself, and focus on one thing at a time.”

– Rachelle Dene Poth, Tackling Tech Episode 11

“Take it slow. Take care of yourself.Try one new thing and try not to get bogged down by everything else that is going on… If we don’t take care of ourselves, then we can’t take care of our students.”

– Erika Rodriguez, Tackling Tech Episode 5

“First and foremost, get online and find resources. Tap into different areas of education across social media by starting on one platform. Make sure you’re seeking out and reaching out to higher professionals in the field – they are there to bring out the best in others, and are very giving of their resources.”

– Scott Nunes, Tackling Tech Episode 6

“Tech Coaches should focus on communicating ways that teachers can reach out to them. Focus on supporting, training, and guiding all-star teachers to support their colleagues with technology.”

– Matthew Ketchum, Tackling Tech Episode 6

“Right now it is about taking it slow. Educators are always fighting the clock for more time, and right now all we have is time. Slow it down and really look at your program and how it impacts parents, students, teachers, and staff. We need to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves.”

– Pearl Arredondo, Tackling Tech Episode 12

Insight into the future of remote learning

Another interesting question we like to ask Tackling Tech guests is what their opinion is on the future of remote learning following this time of emergency remote learning due to COVID-19. The second half of this episode is a remote learning recap centered on the future of remote learning from the standpoint of different Tech Coaches and educators.

“I tend to take a more optimistic view of the future of remote learning. As students get older, the need for remote learning will compound, whether in a college setting or work setting. The interesting thing about remote learning is that we have the nuts and bolts figured out. I think that in the next 5-10 years, we will see a change in how remote learning is used. I anticipate that remote learning will no longer be a womderful opportunity, but it will become part of the package.”

– Sean Coffron, Tackling Tech Episode 3

“The positive out of this is that teachers’ technology skills are going to improve immensely. It has also shed light on the inequality of technology privilege out there and give us an opportunity to level the playing field through funding. Before we worry about how to enhance practices, we need to get schools the resources they need to participate.”


“Right now is a great time to get to know the people whom you don’t know. Get to know them and understand their needs. Understand the needs of the ‘tech uncomfortable’ and have the ‘tech comfortable’ adapt their resources to fit their advanced needs.”

– Eric Guise, Tackling Tech Episode 4

“When any challenge presents itself, I always hope that people can be reflective. I hope that right now folks are feeling that they can be reflective, and a month from now they can reflect on what they are learning, and a few months from now they can say ‘this is what I learned.’ I am encouraging folks to talk about distance learning reflections and taking the time to take notes and journal on this experience – the logistics of what worked, what didn’t, and what has been challenging.”

– Monica Burns, Tackling Tech Episode 8

“At a minimum, our district will explore remote learning for specific days in the future such as snow days. However I believe that higher education such as high schools and universities need to analyze this topic to understand how it could completely change education in the future.”

– Dr. Erik Youngman, Tackling Tech Episode 9

“Never let a good crisis go to waste. We are having to do learning totally different than we’ve had to before, so we need to take advantage of this. Don’t let this time go to waster. Instead, use this time to learn and then truly blend learning in the Fall. This is an opportunity to make changes and really make a difference in education.”

– Josh Bridges, Tackling Tech Episode 13

Listen to the full episode for the full remote learning recap of advice for remote learning and what the future of remote learning looks like.

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