As the 2021 year begins K-12 teachers are using technology more than ever. Remote learning has propelled education into a technological direction leaving educators to explore new ways to continue instruction using technology. Overcoming the challenges the year 2020 presented was difficult, especially in education. K-12 teachers are setting their goals high for the new year in hopes of mastering the usage of technology in their classrooms in 2021.

6 Goals for K-12 Teachers Using Technology in 2021

1. Get on Social Media

Social media has blown up as a hub for teachers to connect with each other, learn from each other, and discuss relevant topics in the educational world. This has also been a great way for teachers to stay connected with parents and students by making social media pages solely for their classrooms to provide resources and information. Join a professional learning network on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to expand your horizons in the technology world. 

2. Master a new tool

Try something new. Find a new tool that works best for your classroom. Take some time to do research, experiment, and implement a new tool; but take risks within the variety of options online technology provides.

3. Implement video technology

Video implementation into classrooms has been extremely popular amongst K-12 teachers in 2020. In 2021 set out some time to test how video lessons can impact your classroom. Educators rave about the time eliminated by providing access to an online resource for lessons, so that time spent in the classroom can be focused on applying learned concepts and answering questions.

4. Improve active learning

Find out what excites your students in the classroom. Whether virtual or hybrid, try changing things up and figure out what student engagement tactics work with your students. Get student feedback to better cater to their wants and needs within the classroom.

5. Build rapport with tech coaches 

The best way to effectively use and implement a robust and engaging curriculum is to build solid relationships with tech coaches. Tech coaches are a teacher’s best friend during this transition into educational technology. The relationships teachers make with tech coaches can only aid them in mastering technology, in conjunction with their material, fast and effectively. 

6. Attend a professional development event 

Free online professional development events are popping up all over social media. Get a head start with technology by attending a professional development event that is relevant to your goals and interests in technology. Looking for a professional development event now? Join us on February 19th, for our EdTech Roundtable: Tech Tools for Studnet Engagement in 2021. Dyknow will host a virtual roundtable conversation about the technology tools and strategies that leading educators are using to increase student engagement and enhance learning in 2021. Learn more.

In 2021 K-12 teachers using technology will continuously create a greater knowledge around classroom technology and how to utilize the flexibility technology provides around learning. 

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