Many things have changed in the education world during COVID-19. Technology has provided unprecedented amounts of support to continue K-12 education in 2020 virtually. The utilization of technology in K-12 classrooms has been continuously increasing over recent years, with many challenges coming with technology implementation. New software and technologies have been created and implemented in classrooms everywhere. Educators are taking this time to further their knowledge of different technology tools and the benefits of educational technology. Technology is continuously transforming classrooms in 2021 for the betterment of education.

6 Ways Technology is Transforming Classrooms in 2021

1. Professional Development 

Many educators are new to the educational technology world which opens up many opportunities for professional development. Educators are taking time to develop their knowledge and skillset in technology in 2021. Schools are implementing professional development and training programs to help their staff make the most out of the new tech tools being implemented into classrooms. As professional development increases, educators are becoming more comfortable with technology and are able to apply better tactics within technology to support their classroom lessons.

2. Instructional Styles

Technology in classrooms has caused educators to realize that the instructional tactics they were previously using are no longer effective for their new technology-transformed classrooms. New instructional styles like flipped learning, progressive learning, personalized learning, and social-emotional learning have all had a rise in popularity for compatibility with technology in the classroom. These styles are changing the way teachers are thinking about their teaching styles and approaching learning in the classroom.

3. Flexibility

Alongside the new instructional styles allows for much more flexibility within the classroom. Educators are able to provide resources for students in and out of the classroom, online and on devices provided by the school. 

4. Innovation and Creativity

Educators are tapping into their creative sides creating tools for technology in the classroom that fits the needs of students and educators across the country. With technology, educators have expanded their lessons with videos, podcasts, blogs, etc. to give more variety in the classroom and options of learning for students.

5. Student Choice

A huge topic within educational technology is student choice. With personalized learning becoming much more popular, educators are finding ways to provide students with as many options of how to learn as they possibly can. Giving students a choice within the classroom of what they learn and how they learn, provides them opportunities to develop better time management skills and assess their own abilities in the classroom.

6. Collaboration

Technology allows students and teachers to continue to collaborate outside of the classroom. Online sources enable students to connect on group projects, discussions, and outside help with messaging programs and cloud sources. Students are not limited to in-classroom help because of technology.

Technology continues to dominate the educational world and transform classrooms across the country. As educators are becoming more comfortable with technology, more and more discoveries of how beneficial technology is in the classrooms are arising. Technology integration is just picking up and is not projected to slow down anytime soon.

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