Nearly every K-12 school and district have implemented 1:1  student devices to enhance learning in the classroom and remotely. Although most of these schools have a content filter in place to keep students safe online, content filters don’t solve teachers’ biggest problem in the classroom: device distractions. It’s undeniable that 1:1 devices create distractions for students, and teachers cannot afford to waste class time policing devices.

Dyknow enables teachers to defeat distractions before they even happen, ensuring that students stay on task and empowering teachers to teach confidently in the digital classroom. 

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How Admins & Tech Coaches Empower Teachers with Dyknow

Recently, we had a conversation with Kathi Kersznowski, District Technology Integration Specialist at Washington Township School District in Sewell, NJ to learn how she empowers her teachers with Dyknow’s classroom management solution.

Kathi shares her story of trying nearly every classroom management solution prior to finding Dyknow, why Dyknow stood out above other solutions, and how her teachers have benefited from using Dyknow during remote learning and in the classroom.

“We were at our wit’s end looking for a classroom management tool, and then there was Dyknow… It was better than anything we’d looked at and trialed so far.”

– Kathi Kersznowski, District Technology Integration Specialist | Washington Township School District

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4:26 Introduction to Kathi  |  9:53 Evaluating and trialing Dyknow for teachers  |  13:52 Implementing Dyknow while students are remote  |  16:40 Teacher’s feedback on Dyknow  |  25:00 Technology integration as classrooms reopen  |  32:18 How to connect with Kathi

Start defeating distractions before they happen

At Dyknow, we deliver exactly what we say we’ll do. Our product is easy for teachers and doesn’t add yet another distraction for students, our service team is ultra-responsive, and we care about each and every school, teacher, and admin that depends on Dyknow.

Most importantly, we defeat distractions before they even happen. Here’s how.

First and foremost, teachers need the ability to Passively Monitor student devices during class. This allows them to review activity after the fact. Not police during class. Dyknow enables teachers to collect and review class history data throughout the class period without ever having to look at student thumbnails if they don’t want to. Teachers can also Actively Monitor by viewing all student thumbnails in real-time and enforcing blocking plans to eliminate device distractions before they happen.

To defeat distractions before they happen, it’s important teachers are able to create customized, classroom-level blocking plans to block distracting sites that their content filter doesn’t. With Dyknow, teachers can create custom blocking plans and enforce these plans throughout their classes and lessons. The ability to easily save blocking plans in Dyknow enables teachers to create custom blocking plans for different class activities that require only specific sites and apps.

To truly know what sites and apps are distracting students, teachers need the ability to see what students are accessing – or attempting to access – during class so that they can refine their blocking plans to include these sites. Dyknow’s Class History feature enables teachers to review all monitored student device activity from the beginning of class, filter that information by the student, date range, or activity type, and share that data with students and/or parents.

Once distractions are defeated, teachers can focus on engaging students in the classroom and using technology to truly enhance their lessons. Features within Dyknow enable teachers to engage students and conduct formative assessment activities within the app while still defeating distractions. Teachers can do this using Dyknow’s Send a MessageCheck Understanding, and Question Bank features.

Defeating distractions with a classroom management solution is the only way to bridge the gap between the classroom and your school-level content filter. Dyknow ensures that teachers feel confident using technology and students are engaged with devices during class. 500+ educators are happier with Dyknow to solve this problem than any other solution. Don’t just take it from us, see why Dyknow is #1 in satisfaction on G2.

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