As an EdTech partner to thousands of educators, we have the resources to help guide your school’s student-device program in the right direction.

Join us for our first webinar, From Teacher to Tech Coach: How to Strengthen Your Schools Student Device Program on Wednesday, January 23 @12:30 PM ET, to learn how schools like yours create, grow, and improve the instruction and integration of technology in classrooms

What You’ll Learn…

  • How to create and grow a sustainable 1:1 student device program
  • How to build a helpful and accepting digital culture among teachers
  • Which outside edtech resources help students and teachers embrace technology in a positive way


Jace Stewart

Jace Stewart

Technology Coordinator, Wawasee Community Schools

Jace is a lifelong learner with a background in Special Education, Elementary Education as a 5th-grade teacher, and now serves as a Technology Coordinator at a middle school after obtaining a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology. He is passionate about keeping kids on track by guiding and facilitating their educational journey.

Rachel Green

Rachel Green

Demand Generation Manager, Dyknow

As the Demand Generation Manager for DyKnow, Rachel constantly aims to get the right message in front of the right audience to inspire and encourage action. With years of marketing experience in the K12 tech space, Rachel understands the importance of highlighting the educator’s voice. Today, Rachel, a member of DyKnow’s marketing team, helps educators make informed decisions on how to optimize student-device programs in their classrooms.

Written by Rachel Green


Learn How To Strengthen Your Schools Student Device Program.


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