Our Dyknow team is committed to providing great service and support to Dyknow customers whether it is through trial setup, onboarding, teacher training, or answering customer questions on the spot when a question arises. Many things set Dyknow’s classroom management software above the rest, but this is one of the qualities that customers love most about Dyknow. 

Dyknow Support from start to finish…

Our School Success Team is a resource available to Dyknow users through setup and implementation as well as anytime during usage in the classroom. The best part? Even those in a free trial have unlimited access to Dyknow’s support resources! 

Account Kick-Off

Even though Dyknow’s account setup process is 3 easy steps for Administrators, we want you to feel supported throughout the process. Because of this, a member of our School Success Team will have a setup call with you and your team to walk through these steps and answer any questions you may have along the way. Feel free to bring any Tech Coaches, teachers, or anyone else who might use Dyknow into this call as this is a chance to get used to account setup, features, and functionality, as well as ask questions. 

Teacher Training

All schools are different, and we understand that. Some technology teams feel confident in conducting Dyknow training sessions for their teachers upon newly implementing Dyknow. If this is not the case, or a district is onboarding thousands of teachers, Dyknow is happy to hold live webinar-style teacher training sessions for schools as well as provide that webinar recording for future reference after initial implementation.

Live Chat Anytime

One thing that sets Dyknow apart from other classroom management software companies is our Live Chat feature. Any Teacher, Tech Coach, or Administrator who is logged into Dyknow has the ability to chat with a Dyknow expert anytime throughout the school day, as our School Success Team is right on the other side ready to answer questions. This enables teachers to have their questions answered on the spot, limiting the number of tickets that get created with a school’s technology team. Simply open the “Help” button in the right-hand corner of Dyknow’s app, and ask your question. 


No time for live chat?

Not a problem. Dyknow’s Support and Services Teams have created a Support Center that has knowledge articles on everything from setup to features. This resource is available to customers anytime through our website – Tech Coaches love using these resources for Back-to-School teacher training sessions!

What customers say about Dyknow Support:

“I did some trails with other companies, do not waste your time or money, Dyknow’s customer service is top notch and product is way ahead of anyone else!”

– Megan S., Administrator

“Easy to use with great customer service!

The folks at Dyknow are fantastic at helping troubleshoot any problems. I’ve been so impressed by the customer service we’ve received.”

– Drew H., Administrator

“Dyknow support has been consistently stellar! Dyknow is the best solution for this type of service for school districts at a price that is reasonable.”

– Janna F., Administrator

Dyknow’s support team makes it easy to get started with Dyknow, and we’re here to support Teachers, Tech Coaches, and Administrators throughout their usage journey. Have further questions about Dyknow support? Let us know!

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