Learning new, helpful, and applicable edtech practices is necessary in today’s K12 education space. That’s why we’ve teamed up with a former teacher and current instructional technology facilitator in our upcoming webinar.

How Classroom Management Software can Improve Your School’s Instruction & Technology Program

As an EdTech partner to thousands of educators, we have the resources to help guide your school’s student-device program in the right direction.

Join us for our webinar, How Classroom Management Software can Improve Your School’s Instruction & Technology Programs on Wednesday, February 27 @12:35 PM EST, to learn how schools like yours benefit from Classroom Management Software.

What You’ll Learn…

  • How classroom management software benefits instruction
  • How classroom management software benefits technology
  • What to consider when rolling out a classroom management software

Meet Our Hosts

Cody Raper

Cody Raper

Instructional Technology Facilitator, Cleveland City Schools

Dr. Cody Raper spent most of his career teaching in a tech-infused classroom. Now his role is “Instructional Technology Facilitator” where he oversees a 1:1 laptop program and provides professional development on effective practices for integrating technology into the classroom to over 100 teachers. Raper is a champion of technologies that place learning outcomes in the forefront and promote instructional shifts in teaching and learning to engage students in new and challenging ways.

Rachel Green

Rachel Green

Demand Generation Manager, Dyknow

As the Demand Generation Manager for DyKnow, Rachel constantly aims to get the right message in front of the right audience to inspire and encourage action. With years of marketing experience in the K12 tech space, Rachel understands the importance of highlighting the educator’s voice. Today, Rachel, a member of DyKnow’s marketing team, helps educators make informed decisions on how to optimize student-device programs in their classrooms.

Understanding the benefits a classroom management software can provide to your school’s instruction and technology programs is important prior to, during, or after implementation, so your school can leverage all the benefits student devices bring to the classroom. We hope to see you at the event!

Join us to learn the benefits of Classroom Management Software.

Join us to learn the benefits of classroom management software.

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