In 2021 one of the top priorities for educators is mastering technology. With the new implementation of various tech tools, teachers and tech coaches are finding ways to engage students using the technology in remote and hybrid learning settings. The increased usage of technology within virtual and in-person classrooms has increased device distractions while remote learning has decreased visibility into defeating distractions. Make sure that defeating distractions and increasing student engagement is on your list of spring 2021 goals.

Defeat Student Distractions

Engaging students has been more difficult than ever with remote and hybrid learning. Students, now being in the comfort of their own home have to put much more of an effort to stay stimulated, excited, and engaged in lessons. In the physical classroom, teachers decorate and design their classrooms to have their learning space be constantly engaging and inviting for students. With an online course, re-creating the same environment that a physical classroom can provide is productive but not the same. Students now have the ability to get off task easier with the distractions caused by at-home circumstances as well as the availability of online entertainment. When there is no teacher or adult around to continuously monitor and encourage students to put forth their full effort into learning, students have a higher chance of falling behind or losing interest in their education. 

Remote learning presents many new challenges that teachers moving to create solutions for as effectively as they can. Many different tools have been implemented within the new technology adaptations to help increase student engagement and defeat distractions. Defeating distractions should be at the top of your 2021 goals to take back valuable class time and enhance learning with technology. Teachers are relying on solutions like Dyknow to take back valuable class time and defeat distractions in 2021.

How Can Teachers Defeat Distractions with Dyknow?

1. Passive of Active Monitoring

First and foremost, Dyknow is a device monitoring software that allows teachers to monitor student’s activity during class time. Dyknow enables teachers to Passively Monitor students by starting a monitoring session and let Dyknow collect class history data throughout the class period. Also available is for teachers to Actively Monitor by enforcing a blocking plan to mitigate device distractions before they happen.

2. Create and Enforce Blocking Plans

With Dyknow, teachers can create various blocking plans and enforce these plans throughout their classes and lessons. The ability to easily save blocking plans in Dyknow enables teachers to create custom blocking plans for different class activities that require only specific sites and apps. With this feature, teachers are able to control the number of distractions that are presented during remote learning

3. Engage Students & Conduct Formative Assessment

Additional features within Dyknow enable teachers to engage with students and conduct formative assessment activities right in the Dyknow app.

  • Send a Message – Teachers can send pre-filled or custom messages to one, all, or a few students during class. They can also push out full URLs to students to redirect them during class.
  • Check Understanding – Teachers can use this feature to ask students how well they are understanding the given lesson plan or other class material during a monitoring session.
  • Question Bank – Teachers can also send questions to student devices during a monitoring session. These questions can be created before, during, or after a monitoring session.

Get your hands on a Dyknow free trial today to defeat distractions in your classroom in 2021. For more information on the best ways to use Dyknow, check out our YouTube series The Dyknow Digest for all your Dyknow questions.

Start teaching confidently with Dyknow for free!

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