Perry Township Schools is 1 of 7 metropolitan school districts in Marion County in Indianapolis, Indiana. Perry’s enrollment of 16,207 students use 1:1 student devices in their classrooms to advance instruction and prepare students for the digital world post-graduation. In grades 1-8 each student is assigned a Chromebook that can use throughout the year and high school students enroll in a take-home Chromebook program. Their technology team chose to implement Dyknow for their classroom management software in 2017 to help teachers defeat student device distractions.

We got a chance to ask Perry Township teacher, Kelly Chamberlin some questions about how she works with school technologists and uses technology in her classroom. Kelly has worked at Jeremiah Gray Elementary school since 2006. She started filling maternity leaves and then became a 4th grade teacher. Kelly taught 4th-grade for 11 years, and this year she transitioned to teaching 3rd grade. She teaches all subjects throughout the day, and loves every minute of it!

How are working with tech roles and admins on the use of technology in schools?

At school I am considered the “Google expert”.  I went to a Google training a few years ago and learned things to share with the other teachers. I also let anyone and everyone in the district know about Dyknow because it has helped me so much with kids who just want to be off-task on their computers.

Technology is constantly evolving, how do you stay informed about your schools technology program?

As a teacher teaching 21st-century learners, it is important to stay informed with constantly evolving technology. Today’s students are dependent upon the use of technology in their daily lives and their future careers will depend on them knowing how to efficiently and properly use technology. Greeneville Middle School is a Microsoft Showcase School. This distinguished award is presented to schools that integrate technology with teaching and learning. I am certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist in Word 2016 and am a MIE Expert. I am involved in the Microsoft program and am a presenter at various conferences on how to incorporate Microsoft programs into daily classroom lessons. Following colleagues on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets allow me to stay informed about what is available to incorporate into my classroom lessons. Our township tech department sends out emails about all things technology and I always read that. I also check their website for any new updates as well as their Facebook page.

What practices (e.g., trainings, edtech days, PD sessions) does your school perform to ensure your student device initiatives enhance learning?

We have tech training sessions throughout the school year on programs as they become available. We also have summer PDs that are centered around technology and nothing else to train the teachers on new programs, websites, and/or apps.

What internal and external resources (e.g., LMS, CMS, Websites, Apps, etc.) does your school provide to help maximize digital learning in your classroom?

We have smart boards, peardeck, google, fast math, Student Reading Inventory, brain pop, brain pop jr, evaluate, IXL, myOn, Waterford, Discovery Ed, Canvas, Smart Amp, Typing Agent……so many things available to our township!

We’ll continue to highlight the teacher’s voice on this blog and are always willing to take your recommendations on topics that you or your school find helpful as technology continues to change K12 education. 

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