At Dyknow, we are committed to talking with K-12 educators in our network to understand the full extent of their roles and help provide resources that they can turn to, not only for classroom management software solutions but also for professional development learning opportunities. Over the summer, we had countless conversations with Technology Coaches to learn what resources they use to improve their skills and learn from other people like them. One thing that we heard, was that there is no real community where technology coaches can go to learn from each other. In order to help fill this gap, we found the TeacherCast Network, a network for educators to learn from others just like them, and the secondary podcast Ask The Tech Coach podcast by Jeff Bradbury. Dyknow decided to partner with Jeff of TeacherCast for the month of November to share helpful tips for Tech Coaches and K-12 educators on how classroom management software can support technology integration.

The Theme: Technology Integration

Since our partnership with TeacherCast would span an entire month, we decided to have a theme that would carry out through the month. The theme that we chose was Technology Integration, a term that gets thrown around all too much and can be misconstrued for what it actually means. Throughout the month, podcast episodes and blog posts covered what technology integration actually is, how to encourage it in classrooms, and how Tech Coaches can encourage and support teachers to embrace technology integration. Dyknow’s classroom management software fit right into this theme because when technology is integrated into K-12 classrooms, it is critical that schools have a plan to manage these devices and tools so that they are being used to their fullest potential.

Keep reading below to understand the ins and outs of technology integration, how to get teachers on board, and support them with a classroom management software that enhances integration rather than taking away from it. 

Encourage technology integration…

In order to encourage technology integration in your school, you first have to define what technology integration actually means in general, but also in relation to your school initiatives and objectives. Be sure that technology integration makes sense in your school. This can mean using technology in the classroom, going fully digital and replacing non-technology items with technology items.

5 Simple Ways Tech Coaches Can Encourage Deeper Technology Integration For All Teachers

TeacherCast’s Ask The Tech Coach Podcast episode explains this process more in-depth, with real-world examples from an experienced Tech Coach. Listen to the full episode

Focusing on function, not application…

Function over application is a cardinal rule of technology integration. Define what technology integration is for staff members, and then determine what their goal for students is with this technology integration. Do they want students to be good communicators? writers? video producers? graphic artists? digitally organized? Regardless their desired outcome, technology integration can help teachers achieve these goals with their students as long as they make sure they are focusing technology into the function it needs to serve to achieve these goals, rather than getting caught up in the applications themselves.

The Importance of Tech Coaches Focusing on Function and NOT on Application

TeacherCast’s Ask The Tech Coach Podcast episode explains why function is more important than application. Listen to the full episode

Help teachers embrace integration challenges…

Most Tech Coaches already know that running into challenges is inevitable with technology integration. Identifying these challenges before they arise is important so that you can help teachers embrace these challenges rather than get scared by them. A few ways to do this: define classroom goals, focus on function, and invest in a classroom management software that empowers your teachers to use technology in the classroom and embrace the tools that come with it. When teachers feel confident teaching with technology, they will be more likely to explore all that technology integration has to offer. 

How Can Tech Coaches Help Teachers Embrace Technology Integration Challenges?

This TeacherCast blog post has some great advice from tech coaches on how they help teachers embrace these challenges in their schools. Read the full post

Monitor technology integration in classrooms…

Monitoring technology in the classroom is almost more important than integrating that technology. If teachers don’t feel confident teaching with the technology because students are off task, they will put the technology away. 

Melanie LeJeune, Technology Coach & Librarian at St. Louis Catholic High School, has been using Dyknow’s classroom management software to monitor student devices and enhance their technology integration in the classroom. By empowering teachers and giving them the confidence that they have control over devices, her teachers have been using technology more productively than ever in the classroom, putting technology integration at St. Louis Catholic High School at an all-time high.


The Importance of Tech Coaches Focusing on Function and NOT on Application

TeacherCast’s Ask The Tech Coach Podcast episode featuring Melanie LeJeune has great tips on how to monitor 1:1 devices with classroom management software. Listen to the full episode

Keep an eye out for another blog post and podcast episode this week, and learn why classroom management software and the TeacherCast Network really do go hand-in-hand!

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