Technology is changing K12 education and the rise of student device programs continues to soar, so Technology Coaches are more important than ever to successful K12 education. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Tiffany Todd, Technology Integration Coach at Linton-Stockton School District, to learn her best Tech Coach tips our upcoming webinar “Technology Coaching Tips: Empowering Teachers to Teach with Technology.”

Tiffany Todd is a former teacher and now a Technology Coach at Linton-Stockton School District. Tiffany is truly passionate about bringing technology into the everyday curriculum and wants every teacher to have the opportunity to teach their students towards the future they will have!

This wonā€™t be the first time the Dyknow team has talked with Tiffany Todd. At the end of last year, the Dyknow team visited Tiffany at Linton-Stockton to learn more about how she enables her teachers to teach with technology. Her feedback was so informative, that we wanted to introduce Tiffany Todd and outline what we learned last time we spoke with her, and what you can expect to learn in our upcoming webinar this Wednesday, August 7 @12:30 pm EDT.

Here are 3 takeaways from our visit with Tiffany:

  1. Always be open for discussion and feedback from the teachers that are actively using technology in their classroom
  2. Technology improves student achievement more than most realize ā€“ make sure you are using it and have the right tools to support it
  3. Teach with technology, don’t teach the technology
Watch the full interview from our last conversation with Tiffany Todd here!

Tech Coach tips you’ll learn in our upcoming webinar:

  1. How to build strong and trusting relationships with teachers
  2. How to support teachers with technology on a daily basis
  3. Which resources encourage appropriate and independent teacher technology usage

Empowering teachers to teach with technology is crucial to ensuring that technology tools are used in the classroom to maximize both student and teacher success. Learn Tech Coach tips to empower your teachers with technology this back-to-school season! We hope to see you at the event!


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