Learning new, helpful, and applicable tips is necessary for today’s K12 education space. Not only are these tips helpful for Technology Coaches and teachers, but district-level technology teams also seek to learn from each other in order to improve their technology team’s structure and effectiveness. That’s why we’ve partnered with Jake Standish, a district-level IT Program Manager at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, for our upcoming webinar.

The Dyknow team has previously worked with Jake at NCTIES 2019 to learn how Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools uses technology to defeat student device distractions, how to effectively roll out a 1:1 student device program, and more recently had a conversation with him to learn how to maintain instructional consistency in a large district.


How District-Level Technology Teams Can Maximize the Activation of Learning Technology in Schools

As an EdTech partner to thousands of educators, we have the resources to help guide your school’s student-device program in the right direction. 

Join us for our webinar, How District Level Technology Teams Can Maximize the Activation of Learning Technology in Schools” on Wednesday, October 9 @ 12:30 PM EDT, to learn how to maximize results when activating learning technology in all schools in a district. 

What You’ll Learn…

  • How to organize a Tech Coach team in a large district and distribute resources effectively
  • How to overcome the roadblocks that come along with managing a student-device program in larger districts
  • What differences there are between activating learning technologies in large and small districts

Meet Our Hosts


IT Program Manager, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

In his role, Jake supports all the different learning tools that have been implemented in the district, as well as training technology staff on how to best support teachers to use technology in the classroom. He works hands-on with all the Tech Coaches in his district to prepare them for one-to-one contact with teachers in their respective schools. His team of Tech Coaches is distributed between 170 buildings which can pose interesting ways to overcoming instructional challenges. 


Marketing Specialist, Dyknow

As a Marketing Specialist for Dyknow, Tierra constantly aims to get the right message in front of the right audience to inspire and encourage action. In her conversations talking to teachers, tech coaches, and administrators in the K12 space, Tierra understands the importance in providing a platform for these personas to connect, learn from each other, and ultimately improve the performance of their 1:1 student-device programs by making informed decisions. 


Implementing a 1:1 student-device program is just the first step to successful device usage in K12 classrooms. Ensuring that these investments in learning technologies are maximized is the most important part of successful student device usage. We want to make sure district-level technology teams are able to effectively activate their learning technologies so that students and teachers get the most out of educational technology.

Learn how to maximize the activation of learning technology in your classrooms

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